July 15, 2021

Why Protecting Student Online Health Records is a Priority

DataSecurityHow do you keep track of your student's health records? Whether your school uses paper recording, spreadsheets or has switched to multiple online platforms, there is a better way to organize and protect these vital health records.

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June 30, 2021

Vaccine Tracking for Colleges


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way colleges operate now and into the foreseeable future. But after a year of online classes, there finally seems to be a way to safely welcome students back to campus for in-person learning. Many students and professors are excited to resume life on campus; however, this poses new challenges for colleges that want to keep students and faculty healthy.

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June 04, 2021

How Does Vaccine Tracking Work For Private Schools?


After over a year of school closures, hybrid learning, and online classes due to COVID-19, there finally seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for students and teachers to return to the classroom. But as exciting as this next phase is, it also brings up new challenges for private schools.

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July 07, 2020

Three Things Every Boarding School Should Consider as Part of Their Reopening Plan

back to school covidHow Brewster Academy is Preparing for the Start of the Academic Year

Boarding schools face a uniquely complex set of reopening challenges given the residential component of their model. The following is an excerpt taken from a Magnus Health webinar conducted last week. Contributing panelist, Susan Harrington, Chief Financial Officer at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, presents a valuable set of tactics and strategies specific to boarding schools.   The outline below describes the considerations and steps within each aspect of a reopening plan. Beyond governmental approval, Brewster Academy created a series of criteria to be met along with a Reopening Campus Strategy Team to help determine and evaluate their standing.  

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May 02, 2020

Post COVID-19 Landscape for K-12: Managing Student Health

Canva - Boy Wearing Surgical MaskAs of April 29th, forty-three states have announced statewide school closures through the remainder of the school year. While teachers are continuing to develop eLearning lesson plans and engaging with students, school administrators around the country are trying to wrap their heads around the post COVID-19 landscape for K-12. So many unknowns with every scenario dependent on the country’s ability to contain the spread of the coronavirus, and predicated on federal and state guidelines

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April 16, 2020

10 e-Learning Tools for Successful Remote Education

elearning (3)With schools closed due to COVID-19, eLearning/remote learning has become a new way for students to learn since they are now unable to physically go to their classrooms. Lucky for us, the web has countless practice guides and curated tools to help students continue their studies online. Many schools have also implemented their own custom programs to help students learn during these difficult times.

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April 16, 2020

How to Remain Productive While Working Remotely

productive-1Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the health concerns of the Nation, many businesses have their employees working remotely, and for some, this is a new adjustment. Working from home is a benefit that has become increasingly popular with employers throughout the years, but in the current climate, many companies have mandated or recommended all of their employees work remotely.

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April 15, 2020

Self-care during COVID-19: You can’t do it all… and that’s OK

quarantine-2COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes into our daily lives and everyone’s journey is different. But, what we hear often during these uncertain times is the exhaustion of parents who feel like they are drowning in the sea of responsibilities… Work while homeschooling and entertaining your kids, and ensuring that they don’t hurt each other! Make home-cooked meals, take care of all family members, and do housework. Keep things running smoothly and stay healthy. And… STOP and take a deep breath! Refuel your tank. Take some time for yourself!

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April 02, 2020

The Forgotten Part Of Every School’s Outbreak Emergency Plan: Bullying

teen_tech_cyber bullying smallerProviding a safe, thriving environment for students to learn and staff to work in is the foremost goal of any school setting. But, creating a safe environment that facilitates learning can be a challenging task. School administrators and emergency managers must work together to create a healthy school climate, effective intervention, and crisis plans that prepare staff and students for emergencies. Unfortunately, many schools focus so much on the physical prevention process such as upgrading equipment, creating task forces, and establishing hotlines and phone trees, that they forget that they must also take mental health into consideration. That means social stigma and bullying-related prevention.  

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April 02, 2020

Staying social while social distancing during COVID-19

video call-1Social distancing means that you should not, at any time, be closer than 6 feet to any person who is not from your household. Currently, social distancing is crucial and something that everyone should be practicing to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, we must understand the difference between physical distancing and social distancing, and realize there are still ways to socially interact while maintaining physical distance. In a time of physical isolation, it is more important than ever to stay in touch with your loved ones!

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April 02, 2020

Avoiding COVID-19 Cabin Fever: Fun Activities for Kids of All Ages

artsFor most of us, it seems like it has been ages since we have left our house and interacted with people outside of our family. It certainly has been nice to slow down a bit and to spend more time at home! And, how amazing are the teachers and staff to implement eLearning for their students in what seems like overnight? However, the COVID-19 quarantine is starting to wear on parents who are trying to work, homeschool, and entertain their kids… all at the same time!

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March 20, 2020

The Benefits of Schools Utilizing e-Learning

elearning-1Understanding the concept of eLearning is simple. eLearning is learning by using electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. The common misconception regarding eLearning is that it loses the interactive feel of in-the-classroom learning. Many believe that the students and teachers can’t interact just because they are not together in the same room. However, this is simply not true.

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March 20, 2020

How K-12 Schools Manage Prospective Students, Enrollment, and Student Health During COVID-19

working from home-1The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting every organization throughout the world and has created trying times for school administrators overnight. Most schools and student activities have been suspended indefinitely, and eLearning is the new ‘normal’ for educators. While creating online courses and ensuring that children continue to learn, School Leadership is also looking for ways to prepare for the day when students return back to school and for the next school year.

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March 20, 2020

Best Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety while Coping with COVID-19

face maskDuring these uncertain times, it’s no wonder that many students, parents, and teachers are facing anxiety in some way or another. With the news that many schools are out for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 virus, questions arise such as “How will I teach my child/student while at home?” and “What are the best ways to keep them healthy?”. We are all experiencing stress and everyone reacts to it differently, but it’s how we all cope with our anxiety during these turbulent times that will make us a stronger community in the end. Below are a few ways that will help us cope and decrease these stress levels.

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February 28, 2020

HIPAA & FERPA: Does your school have to comply with these regulations?

RP_HIPAA_K-12_ThumbWe're frequently asked about HIPAA and FERPA and if schools in the U.S. should comply with these regulations. Here are the basics of HIPAA and FERPA laws and how they each apply to schools and student records.

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February 25, 2020

Magnus Mobile App & Emergency Preparedness at K-12 Schools

Did you know that most schools access emergency contact information 57 times a year?

About Magnus PageWe know the importance of mobile devices and that generally, everyone has their phone or tablet close by. And, we definitely understand the significance of always being prepared to care for students while on campus or during sporting events. The functionality of the Magnus Mobile App is designed specifically for the K-12 staff, allowing them to efficiently track student health information and to increase emergency preparedness at their school!

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February 24, 2020

Benefits of Limiting Screen Time for Children

Children Phone-1Students of all ages are living in a virtual world. Technology can be beneficial when used correctly and consumed in moderation. However, children have a difficult time getting away from technology. Technology is everywhere and is easily accessible, which is why managing a child’s screen time is so important. Studies show that too much screen time can cause children to become less active, less creative, and to communicate less.

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January 29, 2020

5 ways Teachers Can Teach Their Students Responsibility

Teacher-1It is important for children to start learning about obligations, accountability, and consequences from a young age. These essential life skills can make for a better world in the future and teachers play a crucial role in teaching them to their students. They will aid kids in becoming better students and constructive members of society.

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January 29, 2020

Virtual Care Options on the Rise in Schools

Virtual Care 2Virtual care is an umbrella term that encompasses how healthcare providers can remotely interact with their patients. Telemedicine, a specific method of virtual care that is becoming increasingly popular in schools across the US, refers specifically to the treatment of medical conditions without seeing a patient in person. A health professional utilizing this method can take advantage of live video and audio conferences, or even instant messaging to diagnose and address their patient’s condition.

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January 29, 2020

Benefits of Community Service in Schools

Community Service-1Whether they are a kindergartner or a senior in high school, community service is a great way for students to get involved in their community. Volunteering can range from working a few hours in a local garden to spending a week building homes in the community. There are multiple reasons that community service is beneficial to students.

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December 19, 2019

2019 Magnus Round-Up

2019 was a fantastic year for Magnus Health! We established new partnerships with industry leaders for SIS and Athletic Tracking solutions to bring our clients the most complete and comprehensive health management software to date. Break-through improvements were made to the Magnus software and team, and we traveled near and far to meet people in our industry!

Here are the 2019 Top 10 Magnus Moments:

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November 26, 2019

Giving Back to the Community: Magnus Holiday Canned Food Drive

Can Drive 2019Magnus Health believes in giving back. From volunteering in our community to donating to local schools, we really love to help others! It states in our core values “Make it Better. Make it Happen.”, and what better time to make it happen than during the holiday season? So this year, Magnus and Veracross joined forces to host a canned food drive for local food banks and shelters near all of our office locations!

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November 26, 2019

Diabetes Awareness Month

5-1November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when blood glucose or sugar is too high. While the underlying cause of Diabetes varies by type, both lead to excess sugar in your blood. The two most common forms of diabetes are Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas produces little to no insulin in the body. Type 2, affects the way the body processes blood sugar. While up until recently, the most common form of diabetes in children was Type 1, Type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly more common. The main factors attributed to this shift are obesity, family history, as well as children becoming less and less active. Diabetes symptoms vary from person to person, but some of the main signs to look out for are:

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November 19, 2019

Should Schools Implement Child Trafficking Prevention Education?

stop child traffickingFlorida recently became the very first state to require its schools to educate students on the dangers of human trafficking. According to a recent press release from the Florida Department of Education (FDE), ”The State Board of Education unanimously approved a new rule requiring education in child trafficking prevention for students in grades K-12. With this approval, Florida will be the first state in the nation to address the need for instruction in child trafficking prevention. The new rule also establishes procedures for school districts to plan and document delivery of the required instruction."

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October 31, 2019

Magnus Summer 2019 Product Release Highlights + Fall road Map

Magnus Roadmap-1We hope you enjoyed your summer vacation… Because we’ve had a busy summer here at Magnus! Our team sorted through hundreds of feature requests and feedback, checked out our timeline, and took action to get as much done as we could before the first day of school came back around. From bug fixes to speed enhancements, there were many improvements to the Magnus Health software all around.

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October 31, 2019

The Growing Ban on Halloween in Schools

HalloweenIn recent years, Halloween celebrations in schools have seen a decline with many schools opting to have teacher workdays in lieu of “dealing” with the holiday. There are 2 main reasons as to why so many schools are choosing to forego hosting Halloween celebrations: the fear that the festivities will make some students and staff feel alienated due to various personal or cultural and religious reasons. 
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October 31, 2019

Should Home Economic Class Be Required at School?

food_child_healthy cookingWhile science, math, literature, and technology are core building blocks of education, there are some life skills that can’t be learned from textbooks. One of the biggest examples of this is the Home Economics class as it teaches students essential life skills and structure.

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September 27, 2019

Benefits of Nutrition Education

food_child_eating lunchTeachers and parents alike can agree that a healthy kid is a happy kid so it’s important to teach kids about nutrition from a young age! Nutrition goes beyond just what we eat, it also explains why and how certain foods affect our mental and physical health. As you will read below, there are many ways in which we can talk about nutrition in our schools as well as in our homes.

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September 27, 2019

Should Mental Health Be An Excused Absence in Schools?

sad childMental health has been a hot button issue for a while, but it has especially escalated in the last decade. Between civil riots about the importance of highlighting mental health issues in the workplace, and Local and Federal governments enacting bills to aid citizens suffering from mental illnesses, the “hot button” label for this topic doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon... If anything, it’s just heating up.

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September 27, 2019

National Head Lice Prevention Month

health_child_lice check (2)Head lice infestation can occur during any time of the year, however, the problem significantly increases when students go back to school. Having head lice is an uncomfortable issue, but more common that one might think. Luckily there are certain measures people can take to prevent and treat head lice!

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August 30, 2019

National Immunization Awareness Month

health_child_immunization-1August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) and we here at Magnus know how the importance of this! August is a great month for NIAM because, with the start of a brand new school year, it is a good time for nurses to remind parents and students about the vaccinations they may need for the upcoming school year. Immunizations are important to help protect our children and ourselves from harmful diseases. Since the invention of vaccines, they have prevented the spread of contagious diseases and saved thousands of lives. Below are a few ways that will help you bring awareness to immunizations and the importance of them.

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August 30, 2019

The Positive Impact Athletic Programs Have on Students and Schools

AthleticsCoachable children grow up to be employable adults. Athletics in young children teach a set of skills that become increasingly valuable as they go through life. Athletic programs have a positive impact on the students, in turn, positively impacting the schools as these children use the skills they gain from playing sports to become well-rounded students and adults.

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August 30, 2019

2019 Back to School Q&A with Magnus Health Client Services Team

nurse_harriett at computer_smallAs the Summer season starts to slowly come to an end, school Nurses are starting to get back into their routine, making sure each student has everything that is needed to get them enrolled in classes and sports for the new school year. That means everyone has lots of questions. Parents have questions for the school nurses, nurses have questions for our Magnus support team... After chatting with the Client Success Team, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked Back to School questions submitted by our clients and listed them here for an easy reference!

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August 27, 2019

Should teenagers be required to start school early?

teen_sleeping smaller-1While it has been the norm for US students in K-12 to start school around 7:30 am or earlier, communities are now starting to question if early-start policies are the best option for teenagers.

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July 31, 2019

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

surveyThe Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) is a biennial national survey, conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), that was designed to enable public health professionals, educators, policymakers, and researchers to 1) describe the prevalence of health-risk behaviors among youths, 2) assess trends in health-risk behaviors over time, and 3) evaluate and improve health-related policies and programs. The survey focuses almost exclusively on the types of risky behaviors as opposed to the causes of those behaviors. This is done in an effort to more clearly define the direct connection between specific health-risk behaviors and their outcomes (i.e. alcohol and other drug use as it relates to poor academic achievement). 

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July 31, 2019

Magnus Gives Back to the Community - Summer 2019

Here at Magnus, we try our best to give back to the communities around us at least a few times a year. Just this past winter, our team donated gifts during the Holidays to families in need. Recently, with all of this beautiful weather we’ve been having, we decided to get out of the office for a few hours and dedicate some time and energy to local charities. Keep reading to see what both the Raleigh and the West Chester teams were up to! 

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July 26, 2019

The Importance of School Gardens

adult-beans-blur-168287School Gardens help to extend the classroom beyond traditional settings by expanding it outside. Gardening can provide students with hands-on learning opportunities while increasing environmental awareness and vital experience in problem-solving.

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June 28, 2019

Technological Advancements Help School Nurses Provide Better Care

nurse_folder and laptopSchool nurses play a crucial role in children’s health. They give preventative, educational, and emergency aid for students. With the many services school nurses provide daily, more and more nurses are looking to technological advancements to help manage their daily tasks and to enhance student health.

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June 28, 2019

The Importance of Self-Care as an Educator

teachers 1.pngEducators, by nature, are givers. The majority of the time, givers will give themselves to others before thinking of themselves. This is a very admirable trait. People become an educator because they strive to make a difference in the world and that passion is what leads them. But, you cannot pour from an empty cup and self-care is so important to avoid burnout! Self-care is vital to creating a work and life balance that will lead to healthy relationships with students, coworkers, family, and most importantly - oneself.

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June 27, 2019

National Safety Month - Poison Prevention

cleaning03June is National Safety Month, and while there are many standard safety threats to children that we try to prevent, there are some that maybe aren’t as prevalent. Poison control is an important one! The best way to avoid poison ingestion is to have a plan in place to keep poisonous substances out of reach of children and to know what precautions we can take to prevent contact.

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May 31, 2019

Severe Food Allergies: The EpiPen Challenge

epi penFood allergies and access to epinephrine auto-injectors continues to be a growing challenge in both the US and Canada. According to FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education), every 3 minutes a food allergy reaction sends someone to the ER. And, between 1997 and 2011, childhood food allergies have increased by 50%! These affected children spend much of their day in school, where they may be exposed to food allergies, which could trigger a severe reaction, known as anaphylaxis.

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May 30, 2019

May - Asthma Awareness Month

asthma-1Every year in May we recognize Asthma Awareness Month. During this time of the year, many children and adults suffer from asthma and allergies so the purpose of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is to help educate people on this ailment and to bring awareness. More than 26 million people in the US have asthma, which means that likely you or someone you know suffers from asthma and allergies. Because such a large portion of the population, including kids, is affected by this illness it is important that schools have Allergy Action Plans set so that, in the event of an emergency, the staff knows what to do if someone starts to have an attack.

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May 30, 2019

The Importance of Sleepaway Summer Camps

CAMPSending your child to a sleepaway Summer camp can be unsettling, especially if they have never been away from home before. Parents worry that their child will be homesick or exposed to situations that can mentally and physically challenge them.

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May 30, 2019

Is Your School "Sun Safe"?

Children-playing-in-an-outdoor-60138764Summer and sunny weather is here! However, summer is not the only time a child needs to be protected from the sun, and every child needs sun protection. Damage from exposure to UV rays builds up over time, so sun protection should start at an early age. It is essential for teachers and school staff to model sun safety and create an environment where there are sun-safe policies integrated with health education and practices. Teachers and administrators should recognize the importance of sun safety and create an environment that communicates these practices and sun safety education.

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May 29, 2019

Employee of the Quarter for Q1 2019 - Danielle T.

Danielle TIntroducing our latest Employee of the Quarter, Danielle T.! Here at Magnus, we like to recognize employees that demonstrate all of our company’s core values, and Danielle is a fantastic example of that! She displays positive energy, teamwork, and she focuses on what matters.

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April 29, 2019

Three Ways Field Trips Benefit Students

bigstock-Gifted-Kids-On-A-Field-Trip-65861359Almost everyone has had a memorable childhood field trip! Bringing a bagged lunch, riding the school bus with classmates, and a parent chaperone with a group filled with best friends always made for a very special day. Day to day, the environment in which a child spends their time plays a significant role in brain  development. Teachers carefully create a classroom environment to help their students become successful.

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April 29, 2019

The School Nurse Shortage Crisis

nurse_child_temperature (2)CBS recently covered news on the School Nurse shortage as a part of their “School Matters” series, and some are calling this a growing national crisis. They say “only three out of five schools across the country have a full-time school nurse... often forcing school administrators, with no medical training, to step in and provide some level of care.”

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April 29, 2019

Avoiding Digital Distractions in the Classroom

students_tech_phone in classTechnology is an intricate part of most of our lives, especially in the lives of our teens. Teens are checking their social media more than ever during the school hours and it’s likely a trend that won’t go down anytime soon. While schools may not be able to control how students use their phones at home, they can regulate how much they are used at school. Even though there is not a 100% guarantee you will stop kids from using devices like phones and tablets during class, there are ways that schools can cut down on unnecessary screen time during the school day.

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April 29, 2019

Stress Relief Activities to Aid in Reducing Childhood Stress

student_depressed at schoolFamily issues, bullying, homework, and even world news are just some of the many triggers that can attribute to increased stress in a child’s life. Experiencing stress at an early age is common and normal, but too much stress can have negative repercussions on children’s health. Even though there are some stressful situations in life we can’t control, having “supportive relationships with adults as early in life as possible can prevent or reverse the damaging effects of toxic stress”. Here are some stress relief activities that can be implemented at school or at home to help reduce childhood stress:

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March 27, 2019

Trauma-Informed Education (TIE) and Why It's Vital for Schools

Trauma Informed Education quoteA recent study conducted by The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) suggests that roughly 25% of American children will experience at least one traumatic event by the age of 16. With disturbing events such as a natural disaster and the death or loss of a loved one, trauma cannot always be prevented. However, how schools help students respond and deal with traumatic events is something you have a little more control over.

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March 27, 2019

5 Ways to Monitor Your Child's Screen Time

canva-girl-using-ipad-outdoors-MADGv2abEpMHanding your child a phone, an iPad, or some other technology device to keep them entertained has become an easy fix for parents. Even though this solution may seem practical at that moment, it can have a lasting negative impact on children in the long run, if parents are not mindful. Children and teenagers between the ages of 8 to 18 years, spend an average of 7+ hours per day looking at screens.1 Too much recreational screen time for children can impair their sleep and it attributes to poor cognitive development, affecting their overall health.2

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March 27, 2019

5 Tips to Getting Kids Motivated and Moving Outside

children_playgroundSince the growing popularity of electronics, it has become more and more difficult to motivate children to go out and enjoy the great outdoors. Getting the kids to be active outside has multiple benefits: it helps avoid childhood obesity, it helps increase brain function, and it encourages them to think outside of the box. Parents know this, but how do they put that plan into motion and get children to go outside?

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March 27, 2019

March is National Athletic Training Month

bigstock-Male-High-School-Basketball-Te-66904900-1Happy National Athletic Training Month! At Magnus, we recognize and appreciate each and every Athletic Trainer and the many hats that they wear. They provide all aspects of care, from recognizing symptoms of an injury to the injury prevention. This year’s National Athletic Training Month’s slogan (per NATA) is “ATs Are Health Care,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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March 01, 2019

Liability and Student health Information Q&A for K-12 Schools

paper_bindersTo limit your school’s liability risk, you must protect students from a variety of safety threats. It’s important to not only be prepared for the obvious threats, but also for the emerging threats that could catch you off-guard. One of these more recent threats relates to the collection and management of student health information. To dig a little deeper into this topic, Magnus would like to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding school liability and data security.

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February 25, 2019

5 Things Teachers Can Say to Promote a Healthy Classroom

element5-digital-352043-unsplashWe know that it’s not always easy enduring the winter months in your classroom. The days seem so long, cold and gray, and winter woes affect teachers and students alike. Aside from your students feeling extra antsy, you’re probably also dealing with a lot of sick kids, especially during the flu season. When you’re in such close quarters, it’s very easy to share germs, so we have a few tips that can help you survive the winter!

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February 21, 2019

Employee of the Quarter - Danielle

Danielle W HeadshotWe are kicking off 2019 here at Magnus by recognizing a team member who has gone above and beyond! Not only does she work hard to be the best she can be within her role at Magnus, but she is also a shining light in the office by keeping the work atmosphere positive. Danielle currently works in the Help Desk department, but will transition to the Records department this month. Learn more about Danielle below!

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January 29, 2019

5 Hidden Benefits of Physical Education

bigstock-Children-Playing-Soccer-63748090-1Everyone knows that Physical Education (PE) class is great for kids. It helps improve their physical fitness, increases their motor skill development, and encourages daily exercise. But, what about the hidden benefits? PE is much more than just exercise!

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January 29, 2019

Smartphone Psychiatry: Future Apps Could Help Monitor Mental Health

health_depressedIt’s no secret that in recent years, heavy smartphone use in teens has been linked to a myriad of mental health issues, ranging from anxiety to depression. But, what if the same device causing the tech-age angst could also be the key to detecting those same conditions?

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January 28, 2019

Introducing the Magnus Health + SportsWare Partnership

Magnus-Athletics-by-Sportsware (2)Introducing our newest partnership... SportsWare! SportsWare is the on-the-go tool for schools to record, manage, and report athletic injuries and training room treatment notes. High school, college, and professional Athletic Trainers are managing millions of Athletes in SportsWareOnLine. And, where there is online availability, there is mobile availability… so SportsWare provides trainers, coaches, and nurses instant access to vital treatment information and up-to-date eligibility reports.

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December 19, 2018

The Top 5 Magnus Moments of 2018

MagnusHealth-logo-stacked-noBG2018 was a big year in terms of bringing the best and most seamless experience to Magnus users. Along with several other solutions, we established new partnerships with industry leaders for Student Information Systems and Athletic Tracking solutions to bring our client schools the most complete and comprehensive health management software to date. Here are the 2018 Top Magnus Moments:

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December 18, 2018

A Look Back - The Top 2018 Magnus Health Blog Posts

alphabet-arts-and-crafts-blog-459688As 2018 is drawing to a close, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the top Magnus blog posts that we published this year. From providing our readers with best practices on how to use the Magnus software to busting flu myths, we’ve had a lot to share with you over the past 12 months. Check out some of most read blog posts from this year!

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December 18, 2018

Magnus Gives Back to The Community 2018

achievement-blur-charity-1493374As the year winds down, we all find ourselves reflecting on everything we have accomplished this year, and we start looking ahead to what the next year will bring. This is the perfect time to not only be grateful for all we have but to recognize and give back to the community. Here at Magnus, we believe in the power of making things better and getting the job done. We are incredibly proud of our team for their enthusiasm to bring positivity into the community.

This year, Magnus is giving back by donating to two very special organizations:

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November 29, 2018

Employee of the Quarter - Q3 2018

Ed… And we’re back! Here at Magnus, the third quarter is ALWAYS a busy one. With Back to School during this time, our phone lines are busy, inboxes are full, and form submission hits a new record high year after year. With that said, our Q3 Employee of the Quarter is a special one. It means this person really shined during our most hectic time of the year. Ed, our Lead Product Analyst, has been exceptionally demonstrating the Magnus values, and we sure are proud of him!

Let me tell you a little bit about our Employee of the Quarter, Ed… Ed is a problem solver… Literally. His role here at Magnus is to listen to our customer feedback and recommendations regarding the Magnus software and to determine how we can make the product better with every new feature release. He leads our Product Team with hard-work, team collaboration, and some dad jokes to keep it fun. Read on to learn more about Ed!

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November 29, 2018

5 Of the Biggest Health Threats to K-12 Schools and How to Combat Them

health_stethescope smallerWith each passing year, more and more children are diagnosed with various health issues. From a lack of school health staff to severe allergies, check out 5 of the biggest health concerns that K-12 schools nationwide face.

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November 29, 2018

Emergency Rooms Seeing a Rise in Children's Mental Health Cases

teen_health_depressed smallerIn recent years, an increasing number of children are showing up in emergency rooms for mental health reasons. After seeing an increase in mental health concerns in her own practice, Dr. Anna Abrams, a pediatrician and researcher at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C., analyzed data from 45 different children's hospitals from 2012-2016 and saw a roughly 55 percent increase in mental health cases.

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October 30, 2018

Fact vs Myth: The Flu

nurse_child-1Flu season is creeping up quickly! But, don’t be scared! We want to make sure you and your school are prepared! The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have great resources available, however, there are still many misconceptions about the flu. Let’s talk about a few of the most common myths. 

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October 30, 2018

Limiting Screen Time in Children Linked to Better Cognitive Performance

teen_tech_boys playing video games at nightA recent observational study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that limiting screen time for children to just two hours a day can help improve their brain function, memory, attention, and the speed at which new information is processed. When limited screen time is paired up with a good night’s sleep of at least nine hours, kids tend to score better on tests.

The study analyzed data from the broader original study that focused on 4,500 children aged 8-11. Researchers examined screen time, amount of sleep, and time spent engaging in physical activity and compared it to the Canadian 24-hour Movement Guidelines.

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October 29, 2018

Binaural Beats: Every School's New Secret weapon?

binaural 3

I first found binaural (pronounced bi-nor-el)  beats when I was searching for home remedies for a condition I have called Trigeminal Neuralgia TN2. It’s a condition that causes severe facial pain stemming from an irritation to the trigeminal nerve. The pain can be sudden, and ache for days without relief. Thankfully in my case, TN2 is less intense than the more common TN1, meaning that it’s a burning ache versus a powerful, instant shock. Conventional treatments didn’t seem to be working and since there is no cure, I decided to do a bit of research. That’s when I found binaural beats.

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October 29, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - Coordinated Student Care

Brian headshot in circleCoordinated Care Across Campus and Beyond… that’s what the folks at Magnus say! Our number one goal here at Magnus is to make sure each of our client school’s health, safety, and emergency preparedness needs are met, so their students can focus on learning.

Students interact with a lot… A LOT… of people who care about them. Starting with the parents and guardians, as well as many other family members, plus babysitters, the doctors, and primary care physicians come into their lives at a very early age. Once they start school, they have teachers, guidance counselors, and school nurses making sure they are healthy and happy on campus. And, don’t forget about the bus drivers! As they grow older, they start to become more active and social, which leads to them joining clubs and teams and other activity groups. Add up all of the people in a student’s life, and that is a ton of interaction as they grow up and go through school.

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September 27, 2018

Teens Not Sleeping Enough? Here is How You Can Help!

teen_bored girlThe average American Teenager gets only seven hours of sleep per night, cramming it between school, homework, sports, and work, while research suggests they need closer to nine hours a night. Unfortunately, biology is working against them. According to Mary Carskadon, a Member of the Centre for Sleep Research at Brown University, as children get older, they are naturally more inclined to want to stay up later and sleep in longer. And, with school start times getting earlier, there is little time for teenagers to recover.

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September 26, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - 2018 Fall Road Show

Roadshow Banner

We here at Magnus believe that the best part of working in schools is having the chance to improve student health care and safety. The more we work with school nurses, coaches, and administrators, the more we realize the biggest concern is for their student health. From gathering and organizing the health forms, to making sure these records are accessible when they are needed, Magnus Health is there to help you through the entire process.

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August 29, 2018

Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Prevent Teen E-Cigarette Use

Man vaping: Photo credit: Adobe Stock, Innovated Captures

Often resembling USB flash drives and coming in a variety of flavors, including various candies and fruits, e-cigarettes have soared in popularity among teenagers in recent years. In fact, e-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco product among middle and high school students - with the variety of flavors cited as one of the top reasons for use.

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August 29, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - Back to School Donations

kidraisinghandCommunity is important to each and every one of us here at Magnus. We’re proud to call Raleigh, NC and West Chester, PA, our co-home! We’re passionate about helping others, especially students and schools. Even though our Help Desk call and email volume increases during Back to School time, we are all working hard, company-wide, to make sure each and every Magnus user has the help they need to successfully turn in their health forms and be prepared to return to the classroom.

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August 29, 2018

Climate Change and Extreme Temperatures - The Impact of Extreme Weather

climateDoes the idea of Climate Change overwhelm you? Do you want to make sure your family is safe, but are unsure of what the weather may look like tomorrow?

Let’s look at the facts. We know climate change can cause extreme, unpredictable weather patterns. But, to be prepared even if a dangerous situation arises, you can set a couple of easy parameters. The most dangerous events in the summer season are thunderstorms and flooding, extreme heat and humidity, and now, more airborne allergens than we have seen in the past.

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July 26, 2018

World Health Organization Declares Video Game Addiction An Official Disorder

In the most recent draft of the 2018 International Classification of Diseases (ICD), the World Health Organization (WHO) now includes a section on “Gaming Disorder.” The new chapter focuses on disorders caused by the addictive nature of excessive online video game playing. However, merely playing video games for long periods of time doesn’t necessarily qualify a person as having an addictive disorder - the behavior has to significantly impair a person’s personal, family, social, or educational life.

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July 26, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - The New Magnus Mobile App

Magnus Mobile 2.0 is here! Our mobile app has gone through a whole lot of work, and is better than ever! We know the importance of the mobile device, that generally everyone has their phone or tablet nearby, and we definitely understand the significance of always being prepared to care for your students on and off campus. So we took our mobile app, put it under a microscope, then updated the look, features, and functionality, and made sure it was up to the Magnus standards. The New Magnus Mobile App is now Live for your use in tracking student health information and being emergency prepared!

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July 26, 2018

Climate Change & Children's Health

Seasonal temperature variations and trends are visualized and depicted on NASA's "Blue Marble" image. Credit: Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUnpredictable seasons... natural disasters riddling the globe... stronger hurricane seasons. What is the underlying cause of all of these tragedies? Climate change. Over the next couple of months here on the Magnus Insights blog, we will be addressing significant issues you may notice at your school that are exacerbated by the effects of climate change, such as worsening asthma symptoms and a higher risk of heat stroke in adolescents.

But, for now, let’s get a broad idea of climate change, what it looks like, and why it matters so much to the health of our youth.  

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June 28, 2018

Six Facts You Should Know About Sports-Related Concussions

Athletes take on numerous risks each time they step onto the field, hop in the pool, or skatebrain onto the ice. One of the major risks is head injury. Regardless of whether an athlete participates in a contact sport or not, a sports-related concussion could happen to any athlete, at any time. That’s why each coach, school nurse, and athletic trainer should have the most up-to-date information on concussion diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

We have compiled a list of 6 facts you should know about sports-related concussions, and how schools can be better prepared during the sports season.

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June 27, 2018

Resistance Exercises Can Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression


sport_gym with weightsDepression doesn’t discriminate, based on what age or demographic you belong to. Children suffering from anxiety and depression disorders are harder to diagnose than adults suffering from the same conditions, because they may not be able to articulate how they are feeling as clearly. However, there are signs that parents and school health professionals can look out for. A student suffering from anxiety and/or depression may see a decline in their academic success at school. They may struggle to focus in class and seem withdrawn. Though anxious children may attempt to keep their discomfort hidden out of sight, the toll their worry takes, in terms of physical and emotional costs as well as interfering with social and academic functioning, is one that schools should not overlook. But, what can schools do to combat this?  

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May 29, 2018

The Impact of School Meal Programs

School meal programs have become a hot-button issue over the past few years. Is that because in 2017, the Department of Agriculture, which oversees school lunch programs, imposed a July 1st deadline for states to establish policies on how to treat children who cannot pay for lunch? Or is because the 2015 Agriculture Appropriations bill included a waiver for schools to opt out of providing healthier meals for students? Maybe it’s even due the to the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act spurred by Michelle Obama. Whatever the reason, lately the issue has been getting a lot of publicity.
16 million American kids struggle with hunger each year, and, according to Children’s Hunger Alliance, hungry children are twice as likely to repeat a grade because undernourished children have difficulties with focusing in class. For many of these children, the meals they eat at school are the only ones they receive, making weekends and summers quite difficult. To help with this issue, many schools are looking for an alternative solution to feed their students. One that doesn't require neither the school nor the students to pay extra, but still provides the students with quality meals. But, where can a school go to find a solution like this? The community. There are so many reports of community members nationwide rallying and donating money to pay for unpaid lunch bills, and of organizations creating free programs that collect food items to donate to children in need!

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May 29, 2018

Five Fast Facts on Food Allergies

In the 10 years between 1997 and 2007, the prevalence of food allergies in children increased by 50%, and this statistic keeps climbing. It can become an overwhelming task for schools to manage student health and allergies. The following 5 fast facts can be the key to improving allergy action awareness for yourself, your colleagues, and your students.

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May 29, 2018

Magnus Health Recognizes National School Nurse Day

Since 1972, National School Nurse Appreciation Day has become a day to celebrate school nurses for all that they do and to provide a better understanding of the role they play in students’ education. National School Nurse Day is celebrated during the National Nurse Appreciation Week, which this year was held on May 6th-12th.

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May 29, 2018

Q1 2018 Employee of the Quarter - Kerri - Client Success Specialist

Kerri new
Allow me to introduce Kerri, our first Employee of the Quarter for the year 2018. Kerri walks into the office everyday with a smile on her face. She works hard, is always willing to help others, and she makes sure to put her all into every task.

Kerri currently resides on the Client Success team, where she is a proactive problem-solver for our clients. She works to analyze how our clients are using the system, makes sure everyone is using Magnus to its full potential, and answers Admin User questions about the latest software features. Read on to learn more about Kerri!

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April 26, 2018

4 Things All Schools Should Know about the GDPR

**This blog post is not legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal advice.**
security_electronic files_small-1
The acronym GDPR has been floating around for a while now like an ominous cloud over any school that hosts international students from Europe. But, what exactly is the GDPR? It is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will go into effect May 25th, 2018. It is a new data privacy law that provides EU citizens with more protection and accessibility to their personal information, and will force schools to be transparent about how they manage private student information.

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April 26, 2018

Healthy Options Can Help Students Succeed Schoolwide

Are you celebrating the sixth annual Every Kid Healthy Week this week at your school? This annual observance was created to acknowledge school health and wellness achievements. This special week highlights the efforts schools are making to improve the health and wellness of their students and raise awareness about the benefits of providing students with healthier food choices. It is vital to focus on the link between nutrition, physical activity, and learning because great health is the key to students succeeding academically!

According to Rob Bisceglie, CEO of Action of Health Kids, "...the need to support health and wellness programs in schools remains a critical health and education issue. Working with thousands of schools and dozens of other organizations nationwide, we are collectively trying to help put kids on a healthy path so they can succeed academically and develop habits that will keep them healthy for a lifetime."

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April 26, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - Leadership Team Continued

IanWe’re back with the last round of our Magnus Spotlight blog posts featuring our Leadership Team here at Magnus Health! Previously we learned that our CEO Brian Biddulph-Krentar loves soccer and working out, but cannot live without pizza... we met our Director of Marketing, Inese Hoover, a travel hockey Mom who loves the Chicago Blackhawks... and we introduced our newest Director, Dino Skerlos, who joined our downtown Raleigh office last August to manage the Sales team... when he’s not golfing.

Now let’s meet the final member of the Magnus Leadership Team that holds down the fort on the software side of our company. Our Director of Technology, Ian Panulla, is the man behind the scenes that keeps the Magnus system up and running. Ian comes from the CareFlow team with the acquisition, where he was the designer and creator of the CareFlow software. He is the architect behind the software, and he drinks more coffee than the rest of the office combined. 

Ian Panulla, Director of Technology

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March 29, 2018

How “Going Green” Helps Schools and Improves Their State Compliance Ratings

One of the biggest challenges schools face at the beginning of each school year is tracking down parents and students to collect all of the required health forms and enrollment documents. Families go out of town for the Summer and rarely check their email, and on the off chance that they do open their Inbox - they sometimes skip right over the emails from their student’s school. No one wants to deal with scheduling physicals, filling out medication forms, and figuring out whether or not it’s been 9 or 10 years since their child’s last Tdap vaccination. In June, many schools mail the required health forms to the parents who are then responsible for sending back the completed paperwork in August. So many school packets end up misplaced over the long summer months! This makes complying with state requirements difficult for schools.

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March 29, 2018

Athletic Trainer Appreciation Month

In honor of National Athletic Trainer month, Magnus would like to put the spotlight on all of the school Athletic Trainers out there! National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about the valued work of the Athletic Trainers. They work hard to prevent athlete injuries as well as to treat them, and to make sure that the students recover and can get back on the field as quickly as possible.

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March 28, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - Candice, Operations Coordinator

candice 3

Rounding out the Magnus Health Employee of the Quarter recipients for the year 2017, we’d like to recognize Candice, our Operations Coordinator. Candice is a jack of all trades. You can find her in all parts of the office lending a helping hand. She works closely with our Directors and Managers to keep the Magnus mission statement at the forefront of everything they do, while also coordinating Finance Operations and spearheading many other interdepartmental projects and meetings. Learn more about Candice from our conversation with her below!

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February 28, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - Leadership Team

Not only does Magnus have valuable team members across all departments, but our Directors keep Magnus growing and improving each week. This month, we’ve chatted with the Dynamic Duo - our Directors of the Sales and Marketing teams, Inese Hoover and Dino Skerlos.

Inese, our Marketing Director, keeps the team busy, but organized. While spreading the word about Magnus through multiple campaign channels, and bringing in leads from new schools, she keeps the team on their toes with fresh ideas for generating new business.

Dino, our Director of Sales, works with the Account Executives to show prospective clients the value of implementing the Magnus solution at their schools. Dino has already helped Magnus grow significantly in the short time he has been with the team.

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February 23, 2018

Best Practices in Data Security at Magnus

**This blog post is not legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal advice.**


As a provider of the Student Health Record (SHR) solution for schools, our number one priority at MagnusHealth is the security of the Personal Health Information (PHI) that is collected and stored within our software. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of the personal information about our current and prospective users. This is why we’ve implemented, and continue to enhance, a comprehensive privacy program. This program includes administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that are appropriate and applicable to our company, and ensure the safety of our users’ data.

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February 23, 2018

Best Practices for Using Parent Email Reminders to Ensure Form Compliance

It’s that time of the year again! Enrollment season is here and it is important for schools to establish an easy, streamlined experience for parents and guardians to submit their student’s health forms.The key to this is an efficient communication between the school staff and parents about what forms are required and when they are due. This can help avoid any confusion and frustration during this busy time of the year. A great tool to keep parents informed about their student’s enrollment requirements and the approaching deadlines are email reminders. An online Student Health Record (SHR) solution such as Magnus, can streamline the form collection process for schools and save staff valuable time. This blog post will cover best practices on using parent email reminders and how they are successfully utilized by Magnus client schools.

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January 30, 2018

Magnus Spotlight - Brian Biddulph-Krentar, CEO

Magnus Health - noun; MAG-nəs /helTH/

  1. A one-of-a-kind cloud-based computer software that is the most innovative way to collect, track, and manage school health information.
  2. A team of unique, hard-working individuals, who have a mutual passion to improve student health and safety so students can focus on learning.
  3. A magnificent place to work.

When you pass by the Magnus Health office in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, you would not know that inside, there is a group of people who are committed to ensuring safety in schools throughout the nation. You also would not be able to guess the color of some of the interior walls... Anyone? Anyone? C’mon, they are painted bright orange, of course!

Not only does Magnus consist of valuable team members across all departments, but our Directors and Managers keep Magnus growing and improving week-in and week-out.

Our leadership team is made up of five dedicated, passionate, and professional Directors. With the start of 2018, we’ve decided to highlight them each so not only our wonderful customers, but everyone in our industry, can get to know them!

We will kick off the Magnus Leadership spotlight with our CEO, Brian Biddulph-Krentar. Brian currently resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and travels to the Raleigh Headquarters at least twice a month. Brian has been in the healthcare industry for quite some time. Actually, we’ll let him speak for himself! 

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January 30, 2018

Security Risk Management: What Schools Need to Know Prior to Choosing an SHR Solution

Educational institutions collect various types of sensitive information from students and employees. For students, personal identifiable information (PII), health records and, sometimes, parent credit card information is collected and stored in addition to their school performance records. Higher educational systems may be involved in research that is considered confidential and proprietary. Hackers generally target organizations where they may get the most personal health information (PHI). Healthcare and education are a prime target not only because they have a vast collection of PHI records, but also because they are known to have a weaker defense mechanism. That is the very reason why it is so vital for schools to evaluate the security vendor of the available Student Health Record (SHR) solution prior to making their purchasing decision.
security_electronic files_small-1.jpg
Security is a process. It starts with identifying the sensitive information data set, its location, who should be authorized to access it, and how to best secure it based on the known threats. Security policies document these details and provide employees guidance on how to protect the private information. Then, it’s all about the execution and a life cycle of learning and improving.

Because schools are a common target for security breaches, it is vital for schools to have a detailed protocol in place. Following the set security processes that have been successfully implemented ensures that human error will not be the cause of a PHI leak or threat.

Schools deal with a variety of vendors and each vendor should be expected to have a security program in place. Just like the school itself, its vendors must protect the school’s data assets whether that’s from an external or internal threat. Here are some requirements schools should consider when selecting new SHR vendors:

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January 05, 2018

Concussions: The Real Impact They Have on Schools

Did you know that if a person has experienced a concussion in the past, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), they are 4x more likely to get another one at a later time? If you are a school nurse, an athletic trainer, or any staff member at a school, it is important to be educated on how to identify and manage concussion symptoms. So what is a concussion? It is a type of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. This fast movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, creating chemical changes in the brain and sometimes stretching and damaging brain cells. 

brain.jpgAccording to the Center for Disease Control, an estimated 
329,290 children under the age of 19 are treated annually in the Emergency Room for sports and recreational-related injuries and concussions.¹ 
Recognition and an appropriate response when these types of injuries first occur can help speed up the recovery process and prevent further injury.

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November 29, 2017

Mobile Emergency Access at your School: Why It’s So Important

Have you ever been in a situation where a student gets injured at a school function and you realize that you don’t have their vital health information readily available? On average, schools report 9 emergencies a year making it increasingly important to have mobile access to student health data while on and off campus. The most effective way to ensure that an injured or sick child receives the best care possible is by providing authorized staff mobile access to student health records. When minutes matter, a mobile emergency app gives you and emergency responders immediate access to vital health information.

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November 28, 2017

Employee Spotlight - Deidra

deidra 1.jpgOur Help Desk Manager Deidra has been named the Magnus Employee of the Quarter for Q3, 2017! This is a well deserved award for Deidra, as she has been on the Magnus team for many years and effectively manages a team of employees through the toughest season of the year: back to school time aka “Peak Season.” In preparation for the new school year, starting as early as June, phone calls and emails to the Magnus Help Desk increase dramatically in volume. Deidra and her team assist parents and college students with navigating the Magnus system to ensure they have a successful experience. They are ready to help and answer every end user question! The Help Desk department maintains a high customer satisfaction rating throughout this busy time, and Deidra is always happy to report the positive feedback her team receives about caller experience to the rest of the Magnus team!

Learn more about Deidra’s Magnus story below!

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November 28, 2017

Managing Diabetes & Epilepsy in School Aged Children

Did you know that November is Diabetes and Epilepsy Awareness Month? Many children in schools suffer from these two conditions. Getting diagnosed with either of these conditions can be extremely frightening, especially for children and their parents. The good news is that knowing how to manage the disease, and by being armed with the appropriate care information, allows children to continue on with their lives as normal as possible, while putting parents’ mind at ease.

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October 26, 2017

SIS vs. SHR: The Real Difference

Properly collecting, managing, and tracking student information is crucial for success in independent and public schools alike. It is vital that schools have quick access to all of the necessary and up-to-date information on their students. Most schools have a Student Information System (SIS) in place, but overlook the need for a Student Health Record (SHR) system.

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October 26, 2017

Student Health Records (SHR): Most Frequently Asked Questions

With today’s technology constantly evolving, it’s more important than ever for schools to have the best tools at hand to not only manage student health information, but to also keep it protected. Gone are the days of keeping health forms in binders tucked away in the nurse’s desk drawer. Now, the best tool for the job is a Student Health Record (SHR) software. SHR software is the digital version of the paper health record that contains a full account of a student’s health history. This can include allergy action plans, concussion documentation, immunization records, emergency information, and consent to treat forms.

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September 30, 2017

How to Convince the Decision Makers That Your School Needs a Student Health Record Software

Do you need help convincing the budget masters that an electronic Student Health Record (SHR) software is exactly what your school needs to have a successful school year? Many schools pay for training and certifications each year, but fall short on providing the physical tools needed for health and athletics staff to be successful.

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September 29, 2017

The 2017 Fall Magnus Roadshow has Kicked Off!

Magnus Health is coming to a city near you!

magnus is hitting the road.png

If you have heard of Magnus Health before, you may have heard about our annual Road Show. It’s the time when our Magnus team hits the road and conducts Bootcamp training sessions for clients and Lunch and Learn events for prospective clients. Well, we have packed our bags, and are kicking off the 2017 Fall Road Show! This year, the Roadshow events will run through November and we really hope to see you along the way!

Magnus clients will get to see our newest product features first hand and get a refresher course on Magnus software - everything they need to know in order to make better student care a priority. Click here for the client Bootcamp schedule to see when we will be in a city near you!

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September 28, 2017

The Struggle with Compliance: Why Your School Did Not Have a 100% Form Compliance Rate by Day 1 of School


Most schools face the huge obstacle of collecting and managing all of the required student forms by the first day of school. Having vital, up-to-date information for each student is not only important for providing efficient student care, but it also helps schools to be prepared in the event of an emergency, and to reduce liability. Most requirements cover crucial, life-saving information such as allergies, medications, chronic health conditions, and emergency contacts. So why is it that so many schools struggle to collect all of their required forms by the first day of school? Here are some of the common issues schools face:

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August 30, 2017

How to Have the Most Successful School Year With Magnus

How time flies! As the new school year kicks off, we wanted to provide some useful tips and tricks on how to prepare for a successful school year! At Magnus, we help over 540 schools to start off the school year on the right foot, and keep them well prepared throughout the school year. For those of you who do not currently use Magnus, don’t worry! This post will provide plenty of tips on how to have your best school year for Magnus clients and non-clients alike.

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August 29, 2017

Getting to Know Our Partners

Magnus Health takes pride in its ability to be extremely versatile, adaptive, and intuitive. The Magnus team works hard everyday to understand exactly what client needs are and how best to help them. For years, Magnus has been working with various partners to make sure that customer needs are not only met, but exceeded. Currently, Magnus works with several great partners, all of which offer different added value to our clients. 

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August 29, 2017

Employee Spotlight - Paul

paul circle.png

Since 2013, Paul has been an invaluable member of the Magnus team, and he is our 2nd Employee of the Quarter recipient this year. Paul usually shows up to work early, ready to start his day! As our Systems Administrator, he is the man behind the scenes of Magnus, making sure all is well with every part of our software. Paul monitors those vital components of the software that we don’t always think about: the network, servers, internet speed, cloud storage... and the list goes on.

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July 28, 2017

How EMRs Have Transformed Student Enrollment

The progression of technology over the last decade has been unprecedented. Not long ago, cell phones were a rarity and wireless internet was just becoming a staple in American homes. Fast forward to today and schools have active Instagram accounts, and students check in at the nurse’s office with an iPad.

We’re not strangers to the technology conversation either... After almost 10 years of working directly with schools to help them bring their student health records online, we know that technology has enormous benefits, especially during the enrollment season. We’ve seen schools that we work with completely transform their enrollment process by bringing their health and signature-only forms online. So if you’re wondering how to make enrollment run more smoothly, then you came to the right place! Let’s talk about how Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) can change the way you think of enrollment.

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July 28, 2017

Improve Form Collection by Understanding the Parent Experience

The summer should be measured by the number of hours you spend at the beach not the number of forms you have to fill out before school starts. Let's take an in-depth look at why schools should look at the parent experience as the key to improving the form collection process.

Karen is a mother from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her seven year old daughter Katie just began summer vacation and will be starting second grade in September. Mid-way through the summer, Katie was diagnosed with severe allergy-induced Asthma and was prescribed an albuterol inhaler for her to carry at all times. Naturally, Karen wanted to notify her daughter's school. She remembered Katie brought home papers at the end of the year that she could fill out regarding her new condition. Karen tracked down the huge pile of forms only to realize there was a notice that her daughter’s physical had expired! When she called the doctor, they were booked until the end of September, but the due date on the forms was the first day of school.

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June 30, 2017

Top 10 Tips To A Healthy Summer

School is officially out and three months of fun are here! Summers filled with endless relaxation and playtime are what children look forward to the most each year. However, it is important to keep in mind that safety is key, and practicing healthy habits are important for a child’s health. Keep the fun going while teaching kids healthy habits that will keep them safe all summer long!

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June 30, 2017

The Impact Electronic Student Medical Records Have On Schools

At the beginning of each school year, many schools struggle with collecting and processing student health records and various other forms. School nurses and administrators seek solutions to better manage this process, but deciding on the right solution has its own challenges. The solution that many schools are discovering is a web-based Student Medical Record (SMR).

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May 26, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Martika Hedgepeth


This year, we are starting something new at Magnus Health by recognizing an “Employee of the Quarter.” This person must be someone who demonstrates Magnus’ core values, which include: teamwork, positive energy, and focusing on what matters. At Magnus, we use the phrases “Make it Happen” and “Make it Better” constantly, to remind our team to not only be proactive and put forth a great effort, but to also be problem solvers, to think outside of the box, and to contribute to improving our company every day. This quarter, our company chose Martika Hedgepeth as the Employee of the Quarter. We sat down with Martika and chatted about what it takes to earn this title.

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May 26, 2017

Tired of Shuffling Through Paperwork All Summer?

When you think of Summer vacation, what do you think of? Are you thinking of relaxation and time off or are you thinking of all of the form preparation needed for the next school year? With Summer quickly approaching, re-enrollment season is right around the corner. For many nurses and administrators, this means these next few months will consist of trying to collect and track down student health forms in order to prepare for admissions and re-enrollment. This process is a very time-consuming task for the majority of schools. Don’t forget about the endless calls coming in on a daily basis from parents with questions about requirements, forms and compliance... Summer vacation that should be used to de-stress becomes one of the busiest times for both schools and parents!  

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May 26, 2017

Vendor Accreditation and Why It Matters to Schools

cyber security server room.jpeg

New technologies, such as phone apps, online services, and personal smart devices, are being used by schools in ways that allow new data to be generated constantly about individual students and groups. This data can include anything from sports physicals to treatment notes for when they visit the nurse. Communications between schools, students, and parents are often facilitated, collected, and often stored by a third-party vendor, that is a company providing an outside service. Schools across the country are now seeking the services of third-parties to provide secure online platforms to manage student health information.

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April 27, 2017

The Annual Report is Back!

The 2016-17 Annual Report ‘Health Care and Athletics Trends in Independent Schools’ is now available for download!

Four years ago, Magnus decided to take all of the feedback we had received over the years about the lack of information on Independent Schools and began the journey to change that. In 2014, with the help of Health Staff professionals, we published our first Annual Research Report of Independent School Health Services. Since then, the report has helped to foster a nationwide, information sharing community to compare data and share best practices. The research that came out of the 2013-14 Annual Report was so beneficial that we decided to conduct further research with our next Research Questionnaire and  Magnus published our second Annual Report in 2015.

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April 27, 2017

HIPAA & FERPA: What they are, and how they apply

We're frequently asked about HIPAA and FERPA and how they apply to our schools. We're not experts, so we asked an expert to share insight with us. And that's exactly what Karen Gregory, Director of Compliance and Education at Total Medical Compliance (TMC) did for us in a webinar. Below are the basics of HIPAA and FERPA, taken from Karen's presentation. We'll go briefly into what each law is, and how they each apply to schools and student records.

This is not legal advice, nor is it intended as legal advice.

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December 02, 2016

Speed, speed and more speed!

Performance enhancements, code improvements and bug fixes...oh my. In our latest release on November 30, 2016, we've cleaned up and reproduced many sections within the back end of the Prescriptions section along with updates to the Medication Schedule making them cleaner, faster and more efficient!

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November 21, 2016

What's New at Magnus?

Seeing some new updates in your Magnus portal? On November 16th, Magnus Health launched a few new product enhancements that allow you to be more efficient while working in Magnus.

See What's New:

  • Access ‘Send Email’ from Student Medical Record.
  • Upgrades to ‘Send Email’ function & layout to send emails quicker.
  • General performance & speed enhancements allowing for less time between clicks!
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November 14, 2016

Immunization Changes Making Waves Across the Country

“Today in the United States, people rarely die from vaccine-preventable diseases. A way of achieving this was to have compulsory immunization requirements for school attendance” (Hedden et al., 2014).

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April 01, 2016

Magnus Launches Two New Product Features

Magnus Health is proud to announce the launch of two new product features!

Upload From Your Mobile Phone

Parents can now upload their documents directly to the website from their mobile devices, no app needed! Uploading is accessible directly from the web-browser. Say goodbye to those annoying “Please download the App from the App Store” notifications. Uploading a photo of your form is now so simple! We’ve broken it down into four easy steps:

1) Open the webpage

2) Snap a photo of your document

3) Upload it

4) Save it

Fill Out Forms Online

Tired of forms that you have to download, print, sign, scan, upload, and then wait for a response? Yeah, us too. With Magnus Health’s newly enhanced online forms feature, the process of filling out forms has been cut in half and is more streamlined than ever. Now, schools have the option to have users complete questions and provide information right from their computers via drop down menus, text boxes, radio buttons and more. This will reduce the amount of printing forms and wasting paper. Now the only time you need to print a form is if a physician’s signature is required.

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February 01, 2016

Announcement: Magnus Health Road Show 2016

We here at Magnus believe that the best part of working in schools is having the chance to improve student health care. The more we work with school nurses, coaches, and administrators, the more we realize the biggest concern is for their students health. From gathering and organizing the health forms, to making sure they are accessible when they are needed, Magnus Health is there to help you through the entire process.

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December 10, 2015

Concussions: The Traumatic Brain Injury

Concussions occur more frequently than reported, according to Dr. Clark Elliott (www.clarkelliott.com). Often times, people simply bump their heads, or have an unrecognized event in which there is only a short moment of confusion, or disruption of thought. As a concussion sufferer and author of “The Ghost in My Brain: How a Concussion Stole My Life and How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Helped Me Get It Back” Dr. Elliott knows first hand about living with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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October 19, 2015

Webinar Wednesdays: Become a Magnus Master

Magnus introduces the new Webinar Wednesdays: a weekly webinar series focused on teaching you the ins-and-outs of the Magnus student healthcare software. Maybe you want to learn more about treatment notes and templates… Or maybe you want to brush up on your knowledge of the Student Health Tracker.. Whatever it may be, let us help!

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July 15, 2015

Justine Fonte just added to the 2015 ISHC speaker lineup

I'm happy to announce a new speaker for the 2015 Independent School Health Conference! Justine Fonte, M.Ed, MPH will lead a breakout session on Friday afternoon entitled, The Authentic Self K-12: What sexuality and health education can be. During her presenation, Justine will discuss how to implement a comprehensive sexuality education program at your school. Get to know more about Justine below!

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July 09, 2015

Student medical record software leader Magnus Health acquires CareFlow

Acquisition Expands Health Software Offerings for K-12 Private Schools

Raleigh, N.C. (July 9, 2015) Today, Magnus Health, the leading provider of student medical record software and services, announced the acquisition of CareFlow, a Pennsylvania-based software company that serves K-12 private schools through its student health record software.

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July 01, 2015

Simplify state audits with SMR [Client Success Story]

Client Profile trinity-logo
  • School: Trinity School
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Type: Age 3 – Grade 6 Private Coed Day
  • Size: 640 students
  • Website: trinityatl.org

As is required for any school in Georgia, Trinity School routinely undergoes Public Health audits of their student immunization records. To accommodate the auditor, Nurse Debbie Bright used to make paper copies of the immunization records, divide them by grade level, and place them in a ring binder. That binder would then be given to the assessor to review page by page.

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June 16, 2015

Magnus Health help sessions for parents

Let me be honest with you, if you're new to Magnus, or if your students' parents are new to Magnus, they're going to have questions about how to enter their child's health information into the system. I cannot think this is brand new information to anyone. We've heard from many schools that the way to answer those questions, and to encourage parents to go ahead and enter the required data, is to hold a Magnus event for parents.

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June 15, 2015

Happy end of school year!

May we sign your yearbook? It's that time of year again, and many, if not all, schools are winding down to summer vacation. We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our schools for a wonderful school year! We are of course, not bidding adieu to you, as you have access to your account, and us, all the year through. But, we know you work hard all year long for your students, and we want to send you off to summer with warm well-wishes! Consider this our yearbook signature!

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June 11, 2015

Top 5 questions parents ask the Magnus Help Desk

The Magnus Help Desk manages thousands of calls a week this time of year, and frequently they're answering the same questions over and over. We know you get similar questions from parents so here's a list of the top Q&A's we receive. Pass this list, along with the SPF 45+, to parents as they leave for the summer.
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June 09, 2015

Only 5 seats left at the 2015 Independent School Health Conference!

I feel obligated to tell you, there are only 5 (FIVE) seats left at ISHC this July 29-31! After those five seats are filled, you can join a first come, first serve waiting list. So, if I were you, I'd register today!

For those who've reserved their seat under a "Book now, pay later" ticket type, not to worry - your seat is still secure through July 3rd. Remember though, if you don't purchase your ticket by July 3rd, we cannot garauntee your spot at ISHC.

For more on ISHC and the many reasons you should join us this July, keep reading...

Website_picI plan to inform you of not one, not two, not three, but seven (7) reasons you should attend the 2015 Independent School Health Conference. Now I could do that in a bulleted list. I could write you a heart-felt acrostic poem. I could ask you to re-read last week's blog on the subject. I could call you up on the phone and, assuming you're free to chat or you have room in your voicemail, tell you in intimate detail why you should find yourself in Raleigh, NC July 29-31.

But I won't do any of those things. Quite frankly I'm not a fan of lists, I'm no great poet, I do not like repeating myself, and the very idea of the telephone gives me nightmares. Instead, I'll allow this slideshow to do the talking.

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June 08, 2015

How FERPA applies to school counselors

**This blog post is not legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal advice.** 

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June 04, 2015

Save time with streamlined record collection [Client Success Story]

waringschool-copy-300x75Client Profile 
  • School:Waring School
  • Location: Beverly, MA
  • Type:K-12 Private Day School
  • Size: 150 students
  • Website: waringschool.org

When Waring School mailed required student health forms to parents each summer, those forms were returned to the school via traditional mail. Nurse Jan Lindsay then spent the two weeks prior to the start of school organizing piles of paperwork, making a list of those students with missing forms, and then contacting those students’ parents. “It involved a lot of chasing down of families via email. As the beginning of school approached, we then went to the phones,” Lindsay said.

DSC_03792Even with those efforts, there were some parents who waited until the very last day, when Waring School left for their annual camping trip in New Hampshire. “That was the worst – dealing with forms and medication instructions as we were trying to load up the vans and get ourselves to camp,” Lindsay said. Each year, these same issues resurfaced and the receptionist frequently had to assist in making phone calls as well, making it difficult to tally just how much time the cumbersome process consumed.

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June 03, 2015

Summer sports and concussion consideration resources

Summer sports are here. They are beautiful things but they inherently come with risks. No surprise, sustaining a concussion is one of those risks. We've done a large amount of work on concussions in the past, and this blog post bundles all of that work into one location so you can easily and quickly get yourself up to speed on the latest and greatest developments. Get informed and head back to the field/gym/track/etc. Ready, set, go.

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June 02, 2015

3 must-haves for 100% health form compliance

number_100_percentThe beauty of zero tolerance, as it relates to compliance, is that it's entirely enforceable, and deals more with enforcing action by the parents before the start of school, than student behavior on a daily basis during the school year. In essence, a zero tolerance health form compliance policy mandates that all required health information be submitted prior to the start of school, and in the event that anything is missing, the student is denied entry to school, athletics, or any school-related trip. That's right, a true zero tolerance approach demands 100% compliance!

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May 29, 2015

May wrap-up

May came along and just as quickly, it's nearly completely gone. Here's what we've been up to this month.

At a Glance

At Magnus HQ

Announcing 2015 ISHC speakers


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May 28, 2015

April Chew and Mona Shattell join the 2015 ISHC lineup

I'm excited to announce new speakers for the 2015 Independent School Health Conference! April Chew, MS, RN and Mona Shattell, PhD, RN, FAAN will be our Friday keynote speakers! During the session, April and Mona will detail their research on School Nurses' Beliefs and Interventions for Childhood Obesity. Get to know these wonderful ladies in more detail below!

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May 26, 2015

UPDATE: 2015 Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services

UPDATE: We have great news all around! The 2015 Annual Research Questionnaire has been a booming success, and due to input from many of you, we are extending the deadline until May 29, 2015. That's this Friday! Start your questionnaire, or finish the one you've already started and make sure your school is counted. At present, more than 1,000 people have participated. Help us raise that number even higher!

Originally published April 30, 2015

The 2013-14 Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services was the first of its kind, and it allowed independent schools to see how they measure up to other schools similar to their own. We heard from near and far that this research was invaluable, so we're doing it again. The 2015 Research Questionnaire is open and we're encouraging all independent schools to participate.

Created with health staff, for health staff, this questionnaire aims to connect the dots between what is desired and what is lacking. In order to do that, we need the participation of as many schools as possible. The questionnaire is designed to collect school-wide data, therefore only one submission per school is recommended.

Over the next three weeks, the questionnaire will be open to all independent school health professionals. By participating, not only are you contributing to groundbreaking research, you are developing much demanded benchmarks. In addition, you're helping create a nationwide community, to which comparison data and results are available annually. Completing the 30 minute questionnaire (60 multiple choice questions) provides you the opportunity to share your perspective and contribute to the 2015 Annual Report of Independent School Health Services.

Now, if you're saying to yourself, "But why, Kathryn? Why should I do this questionnaire?" I'll give you five good reasons right now.

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May 22, 2015

New leadership at Magnus Health

I am honored and excited to join the Magnus Health team as the new Chief Executive Officer, and I would also like to introduce you to Snow Roberts, our new Chief Operating Officer. We plan to continue the Magnus mission of better student care and look forward to getting to know our clients, partners, and the community. Below are brief summaries of our backgrounds, and we both hope to see you at the Independent School Health Conference this summer!

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May 20, 2015

2015 Independent School Health Conference Keynote Speaker Announced!

You might have heard of a little thing called the Independent School Health Conference. We're pretty excited about it, and to add to that excitement, we're happy to announce the ISHC 2015 headlining keynote speaker is Miguel G. Marshall, M.A., Ed.D.! Miguel has long been immersed in the independent school environment, and along with his brand new research, he brings insight from his own experiences as a student and employee of independent schools.

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May 18, 2015

Exercise options in independent schools

Net_AssetsImagine my delight when I sat down to read the May/June 2015 issue of Net Assets, and I came upon an article, "Exercising Their Options" which features none other than one of our beloved clients, Providence Day School. The article focuses on how independent schools are increasing the opportunity to exercise, and the different ways students can exercise during the school day. Compared to students in past decades, today's children have less strength and balance and underdeveloped motor skills, so these new opportunities are very important.

Providence Day School is combating these issues with high-tech devices like bluetooth-enabled monitors, as well as low-tech exercises like rope and rock climbing. They've also created an inside and outside facility for the transitional kindergarten students with items that are designed to stimulate imagination. For instance, outside the kids play with bamboo, ropes, and fabric, and inside they can find yarn, blocks, instruments, and paint. The idea behind all of it is to engage students in the varying levels of exercise that will force them to develop their physical fitness and motor skills.

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May 15, 2015

These 5 simple steps can make your school more "green"


Protecting the environment isn't just for conservationists anymore. Now that information about global climate change is readily available to us all, it's easy for each person to get involved and go green. It's so easy that I'm challenging students and schools to be at the center of green efforts.

The reason is simple: Students hold the key to the future of our environment, and schools hold the key to student education and awareness. Not to mention, schools use a lot of resources! From printing off hundreds of test papers to using energy to light up a whole gymnasium (or two), there are several ways for schools to educate students on environmentally-friendly habits, and to implement a few habits on the school-level, too.

It may seem like a big responsibility, but I promise it's not impossible to fulfill. All it takes is a little elbow grease! The best place to start is with these five steps to making your school more green.

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May 12, 2015

National Nurses Week comes to a close

Today marks the end of National Nurses Week, but if Mother's Day taught us anything this year, it's that you can continue to thank those near and dear to you, even after the official holiday ends. So, in the spirit of continuing our grattitude, and helping others express theirs, here are four pictures you can send to any nurse, to say thank you. Conveniently, they're created at the perfect size for Facebook, too. Send them, print them, post them, do whatever feels right, but don't miss the opportunity to tell your school nurse, or the nurses in hospitals, clinics, and physicians offices THANK YOU.

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May 12, 2015

Uploading health forms for students just got easier

Magnus users, I'll be short and sweet. With a simple click of the button, and a process no different than in days past, you can upload and combine multiple health forms for a student's requirement. Plus, you get to preview the final document before attaching it to the requirement. Check out the shots below and see for yourself.

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May 08, 2015

SMR user login enhancements [Updated feature]

Just last week I was trying to purchase online tickets to a concert. I was moments away from having the digital tickets in my metaphorical hands when I was stopped by a blurry and confusing captcha. A captchas, or "the most frustrating combinations of letters and numbers known to man" is the little box of text that you're asked to type out to confirm you are indeed a human. As wonderful as a captcha is for determining whether an internet user is actually human or not, it can truthfully be quite annoying.


Why do I get so annoyed by captchas? Most likely because I know that I'm not a robot, but yet it takes me three or four tries to convince my own computer that I'm not a robot. Trying to decipher a random, warped, set of letters and numbers is the last thing I want to be doing when I'm in the middle of an important task, and I know I'm not alone.

That's why I'm happy to unveil Magnus Health's new user login process! As of today, if you forget your username or password, you no longer have to answer a difficult captcha in order to retrieve it. Instead, all you have to do is check off a box that says you're not a robot (which I'm trusting you aren't...). Read on for more details, plus learn about the other updates we made to the SMR user login page.

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May 07, 2015

School emergency teams and supplies

emergency_checklist_croppedHow many, and what types of teams should be in a school's emergency plan? Well, as with so many things, the answer varies because every school population and community is a bit different. However, Chris Joffe of Joffe Emergency Services outlined a list of teams that every school should have in place.

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May 06, 2015

Say 'thank you' to your school nurse

Today kicks off National Nurse Week, and today is National School Nurse Day. On behalf of everyone here at Magnus, I'd like to say THANK YOU to every school nurse. We applaud your work, dedication, and selfless commitment to your students. We encourage everyone - administration, teachers, staff, parents, and students -  to take a moment and express your gratitude. School nurses aren't the highest paid, most recognized group of people, and recognition goes a long way. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking.

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May 05, 2015

Protecting your nursing license, from a military academy perspective [Client Success Story]

NurseTrentPicClient Profile 
  • Name: Trent Inman
  • Job Title: Registered Nurse
  • School: Oak Ridge Military Academy
  • Location: Oak Ridge, NC
  • Type: Grades 7-12 Private, Co-ed military academy
  • Size: 90 students
  • Website: oakridgemilitary.com


When Trent Inman first joined Oak Ridge Military Academy, he was stepping into the unknown. He didn’t have a military background, instead, he’d come from a cardio surgery step-down unit in a hospital. He went from treating very sick patients to treating cadets with ordinary illnesses to injuries incurred because of physical training. “It was different for me because the cadets would get in trouble for something, and their discipline was to do extra PT, and then they’d come to me because they’d have huge blisters and other injuries, and that type of approach was creating more work for me.”

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April 30, 2015

April wrap-up

April just might be the perfect month. It's filled with sunny days and cool, breezy nights. Even better, you can feel the excitement of summer's fast-approaching days in the air. We're feeling that same excitement, because we're gearing up for one of our busiest yet most exciting seasons. As schools wind down for summer break, we're charging full steam ahead.

Take a look at what we've been up to!

At a Glance

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April 30, 2015

2015 Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services

The 2013-14 Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services was the first of its kind, and it allowed independent schools to see how they measure up to other schools similar to their own. We heard from near and far that this research was invaluable, so we're doing it again. The 2015 Research Questionnaire is open and we're encouraging all independent schools to participate.

Created with health staff, for health staff, this questionnaire aims to connect the dots between what is desired and what is lacking. In order to do that, we need the participation of as many schools as possible. The questionnaire is designed to collect school-wide data, therefore only one submission per school is recommended.

Over the next three weeks, the questionnaire will be open to all independent school health professionals. By participating, not only are you contributing to groundbreaking research, you are developing much demanded benchmarks. In addition, you're helping create a nationwide community, to which comparison data and results are available annually. Completing the 30 minute questionnaire (60 multiple choice questions) provides you the opportunity to share your perspective and contribute to the 2015 Annual Report of Independent School Health Services.

Now, if you're saying to yourself, "But why, Kathryn? Why should I do this questionnaire?" I'll give you five good reasons right now.

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April 29, 2015

Keeping the books [Employee Spotlight]

Sam_Yaworski-718052-editedThere's a vital, but often unseen world in business that most of us can't understand no matter how hard we try. It involves long numbers, decimals, spreadsheets, and complex formulas, and it usually makes my head hurt.

That special and scary world is Finance, and we're lucky enough to have a stellar Finance Team at Magnus Health who keeps us on track and makes sure that all the numbers (quite literally) add up.

One member of that team is Sam Yaworski, our Financial Analyst who manages a lot of nitty gritty tasks like invoices and closing the books. Her day-to-day may not be glamorous to you and me, but for someone who loves spreadsheets and organization, Sam is right at home.

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April 28, 2015

Protecting your school from risk

Last week we wrapped up our spring expert webinar series with a 360° view of independent school risks. Guest expert Martin Kelly, President of ISM Insurance Inc., presented on the topic, and now you can get a taste of what he covered.

Independent schools are subject to contractual law and, as such, have liability exposure in a number of areas, including employment practices and lawsuits brought by parents because of a failure to provide a safe environment.

In this webinar, Martin examined these and other areas of risk, such as crisis planning, HR practices, facilities, trips, use of volunteers, bullying and misconduct, acceptable use polices, and more. Watch a recording of the webinar now!

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April 23, 2015

Magnus for your athletic trainers and coaches

When we speak with school health departments, we're asked on a daily basis how our product can work for the athletics department as well. The good news is, the very same product that can be customized for the school nurse and counselor can also be customized for the athletic trainer and coaches. Here's how it works.

Customized treatment notes

Does your athletic trainer need to chart an injury? Specify what is injured? Note which muscle was strained or ligament was torn? Indicate which sport and/or activity caused the injury? We understand the needs for athletic trainers are different than for nurses, and that's why we've granted the ability to customize a treatment note to your specific needs. It's as simple as editing a template and adding, changing, removing any fields as you see necessary.

Take a look at the brief screencast below and see just one way you could format your athletic treatment notes. Keep in mind, two things. 1) This is only a sample, you have the freedom and capability to customize your treatment notes as you see fit. 2) When you purchase the Health Services suite, we will create and customize these templates for you.

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April 22, 2015

Why you should be spending more time outside


Being outdoors is one of my favorite ways to spend a block of free time. When I'm feeling extra stressed out or bogged down by a long day, it's as if the sun always knows how to relieve my worries. It really is a magical thing.

But I'm not just a crazy sunshine addict. The science is real, and it says that spending time outside really does make you happier, no matter how much you actually love being in nature.

Don't believe me? We're about to take a look at a few facts that prove you should be spending more time outside.

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April 21, 2015

Top 11 ways to use SMR groups

groups-1Groups are an integral part of using Magnus SMR to the fullest. It's easy to think of a couple scenarios when you'd need them - teams and clubs, for example. But we encourage clients to think outside of the box when it comes to groups. At the root, groups do in fact, group students. But if you dig a little deeper, they segment students in a way that allows you to use your privileges so that the appropriate persons have access to the information they need, and only that information.

This can also allow you to review a subset of student documents at a single time. Perhaps you need to review just the international student population for a specific insurance form. Or maybe you need to apply a specific requirement to only a certain group of students. SMR groups will allow you to do both of those things. Also keep in mind that students can belong to multiple groups at any given time, so you can sort your students in any number of ways to meet your needs.

Consider using the student groups below in your account to better organize and equip yourself and your school staff.

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April 20, 2015

7 Reasons to attend the 2015 Independent School Health Conference

Website_picAs the title of this blog post might suggest, I plan to inform you of not one, not two, not three, but seven (7) reasons you should attend the 2015 Independent School Health Conference. Now I could do that in a bulleted list. I could write you a heart-felt acrostic poem. I could ask you to re-read last week's blog on the subject. I could call you up on the phone and, assuming you're free to chat or you have room in your voicemail, tell you in intimate detail why you should find yourself in Raleigh, NC July 29-31.

But I won't do any of those things. Quite frankly I'm not a fan of lists, I'm no great poet, I do not like repeating myself, and the very idea of the telephone gives me nightmares. Instead, I'll allow this slideshow to do the talking.

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April 17, 2015

Magnus Health, Veracross integration

Every spring I feel the need to do a complete technology purge. The constant ding of texts, emails and app updates can become overwhelming. I dream of running away to a remote state park campground where there’s no electricity, computers, phones or traffic. But then my high-maintenance side kicks in and says, “Hello? What about your espresso maker, iPod and the modern miracle called toaster pastries? What about the bugs?!” I am simply not cut out for camping. Technology means different things to different people but it’s main purpose is to make our lives easier. I love easy. (See aforementioned toaster pastries.) That’s one of the reasons I’m happy to announce the new Magnus Health single-sign-on integration with Veracross.

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April 15, 2015

The surprising effects of caffeine on students and teens


I'm one of the odd balls of the world. I don't drink coffee, soda, or even tea. Essentially, my caffeine consumption hovers at zero grams per day - unless there's an exceptionally good piece of dark chocolate calling my name. But even a whole bar of dark chocolate doesn't amount to the same level of caffeine found in a single cup of coffee.

Being a foreigner to the concept of caffeine, I've always been fascinated at how prevalent the drug (yes, caffeine is technically a drug) is in our everyday lives. With side effects including nervousness, upset stomach, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and increased blood pressure, I wonder why nearly 75% of teens consume caffeine on a daily basis. Is it because caffeinated drinks taste good, or is it because teens need the extra energy boost?

It's not a simple answer, that's for sure. But we're about to do some hard digging into the subject of caffeine and students. And better yet, you're about to learn three drug-free alternatives to caffeine that students, or even you, can start using to keep energy levels up.

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April 14, 2015

First ever conference just for Independent School Health Professionals

I've been holding in a rather enormous secret for some time now. It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can now tell you everything. 

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April 09, 2015

School nurses benefit students and society to the tune of $98 million

nurse_with_boarding_school_studentThe North Carolina state-wide goal for school nurse to student ratio is 1 to 750. In reality, NC public schools average 1 nurse to every 1,200 students. According to the Department of Health and Human Services' Annual School Health Services Report, the Wake County (where Magnus is located) ratio is 1 nurse to every 2,476 students.

As a company working with school nurses (both public and private) every day, we know how valuable and vital the presence of a school nurse is to students, parents, teachers, staff, and administration. Therefore we know these numbers are disturbing, and directly contradict our company-wide belief in better care. We also know we're not the only people with this mind-set, and that cutting school health services to save money is not the way to save money (or care for children) in the long run.

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April 08, 2015

A 360° View of Independent School Risk (Protecting your school)

We're wrapping up our spring webinar series with a 360° view of independent school risks, presented by guest expert Martin Kelly, President of ISM Insurance Inc.

Independent schools are subject to contractual law and, as such, have liability exposure in a number of areas, including employment practices and lawsuits brought by parents because of a failure to provide a safe environment.

In this webinar, Martin examines these and other areas of risk, such as crisis planning, HR practices, facilities, trips, use of volunteers, bullying and misconduct, acceptable use polices, and more.

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April 07, 2015

How often should you do school emergency drills?

Ever wonder what emergency drills your school should be doing? Ever wonder how those drills should impact your school emergency plan? Ever wonder how often you should be drilling your emergency response plans? I'm happy to tell you, thanks to Chris Joffe, CEO of Joffe Emergency Services, I have answers for your burning questions.

The five most basic school emergency drills are: fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, and lockdown. Many schools know and execute these drills based on their geographic location.

There are then five more advanced drills: shelter in place, secure campus, active shooter, fallen aircraft, and sudden outbreak of contagious disease. These drills might not be executed nearly as often. For example, in a webinar we hosted with Joffe Emergency Services, 0% of the webinar attendees had ever drilled for fallen aircraft. That led us to ask, how often should school emergency drills, basic and advanced, be practed? Chris Joffe provided us with the guidelines below.

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April 01, 2015

Simple parent experience and 100% compliance [Client Success Story]

KathyFinneyClient Profile 
  • Name: Kathy Finney
  • Job Title: Associate Director of Communications
  • School: Norfolk Academy
  • Location: Norfolk, VA
  • Type: K-12 Private
  • Size: 1,200 students
  • Website: norfolkacademy.org

Kathy Finney has worked as an administrator at Norfolk Academy for 20 years. In that time, she has seen the importance of data grow from necessary business information to a strategic communications tool. Having worked with all of the data-dependent departments that help our institutions function and grow, Kathy has an unrivaled understanding of best practices of data collection and sharing across campus. 

Norfolk Academy struggled with collecting health and immunization information from parents each year. When they moved to Magnus to solve that problem, “we were trying to find a solution to make things easy for parents and for us,” said Kathy Finney, Associate Director of Communications. When Norfolk Academy initially launched Magnus, it was after they’d already collected all the information from parents. So, "there was confusion as to why we were asking for information that had already been submitted. We got off to a rocky start,” Finney said, but with a few lessons learned and alterations made, parents are catching on, and Finney and her team have seen the results in 100% compliance.

So how did they make things easy on parents and get 100% compliance?

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March 31, 2015

Breaking news: Magnus supports student photos

leahdowdIt's safe to say we've been asked more than just a couple times if and when Magnus would support student photos. I'm happy to tell you the answer is yes, and the time is now. The new feature is announced in the video below. But in case you don't have 2 minutes and 42 seconds to watch the whole video, skip on ahead and read the somewhat less entertaining recap.

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March 30, 2015

March wrap-up

Welcome back! As we all get back into the swing of things after Spring Break, let's take a minute to bask in the awesomeness that was March. We saw dabbles of warm weather, released exciting software updates (have you seen the student photo feature?), and behind the scenes, we're still busy coordinating the 2014-2015 Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services. Let's dive in!

At a Glance

  • 29 Magnus employees bowled their hearts out during our Spring Teambuilding Day.
  • We celebrated Pi Day with real, delicious pie and a surprise math test (yikes!).
  • Guest presenter Karen Gregory joined us for her second guest webinar, HIPAA and FERPA in a School Setting.
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March 27, 2015

Magnus 911 Enhancements [Updated feature]

The first time I sent my son to preschool, I probably overdid it. On Sundays, I made sure his little shirts and shorts were ironed for the entire week. I made Star Wars labels for all his clothes with his name and phone number. I packed cute sandwiches without the crust and left adorable post it notes inside his lunchbox even though he couldn’t read yet. And I knew his exact schedule down to the minute. That lasted about a year. Let’s just say that he can read very well now and writes me reminder notes for my lunchbox instead. But I still know his schedule not just because I’m his mom, but also because I’m one of those people who likes the details. Give me the “who, what, where, when, and why” and I’m a happy camper. These next Magnus enhancements are for all you detail lovers.

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March 26, 2015

Stocking your student snack store with healthy options

Healthy_school_snacksMmmm... snacks! I was always that kid in elementary school who couldn't wait more than an hour for my next snack or meal break. Between running around on the playground and growing 5 inches taller in one year, it was hard to keep hunger at bay - and I know my experience isn't unique.

When kids and teens are growing and burning off energy in sports and at recess, their appetites can rival a professional athlete's appetite. Grumbling stomachs can be heard in otherwise quiet classrooms, and between classes, you can find students stopping by a vending machine or the student snack store to quiet their appetite.

But are school snack options properly fueling students and their growing muscles? Are the school vending machines stocked with healthy school snacks that will keep students full for more than ten minutes? We've reached the point in time when our food and lifestyles are being critically assessed, and schools are no exception.

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March 25, 2015

Emergency Plans: The top 5 mistakes to avoid [Guest Post]

Imagine this…the fire alarm goes off but you know it’s not a drill. What happens next? Does your staff know who to communicate with and when, in order to get everyone to safety? Are there enough staff trained and prepared, who can lead the school to safety based on the plan that is outlined in that giant binder?

This scenario can happen at any time, during school hours or in the middle of the night. Whether it is a catastrophic emergency or a smaller contained issue, your staff will need to be prepared to deploy and facilitate the appropriate responses to each situation.

So the question is: How prepared is your staff to deploy the plan your administration painstakingly put into place?


As the leading provider of emergency services for more than 100 schools, Joffe Emergency Services has seen the effects of emergency plans gone wrong. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when it comes to emergency planning for your school.

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March 24, 2015

100% health form compliance for pre-season athletics

SMS-logo-blue-1-300x44Client Profile 
  • Name: Stacy Finley
  • Job Title: Nurse & Director of Binder Health Center
  • School: Saint Mary's School
  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Type: Grade 9-12, Private Boarding & Day School for Girls
  • Size: 250 students
  • Website: www.sms.edu

7462_10151839129577029_1694009627_nThe nurses at Saint Mary’s School spent countless hours collecting, reviewing, and tracking the required documentation for nearly 250 students. Seven forms per student meant 1,750 forms had to be manually tracked using a spreadsheet, and hundreds of reminder phone calls had to be made.

While some students arrived early for pre-season athletics with all required documents in hand, some others did not have all of their information completed and were trying to move into student housing. This forced school staff members to scramble to complete forms, contact families, and occasionally take students to doctor’s appointments.

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March 17, 2015

Learning about yourself and your team

Not long ago, the higher powers at Magnus asked all of us to take a personality assessment. They promised it would take only 15 minutes, so I said, "Alrighty, I'll do that right away." (Full disclosure: I have no clue what my actual response was.) Honestly, I've taken a number of similar assessments like this in years past, and I wasn't expecting to find a lot of groundbreaking information about myself or others. However, what I did find was both affirming and surprising.

isfpThere are 16 personalities and I am an ISFP. I carry this badge proudly - I'm an "artist" an "explorer" an "adventurer". I like those titles, but what I like more is proof to my coworkers and leaders that my brain functions differently than their own. And that's not specific to ISFPs, that's something each and every personality type can say. We're all wired differently, we communicate differently, are annoyed by different things, and thrive under different circumstances. This assessment was valuable not just because I have some affirmation and comfort in knowing I'm not alone (there are three other ISFPs here), and not just because the resulting information I read about ISFPs made me feel legitimized. This assessment was helpful because I can now see sides to my coworkers that I didn't know before.

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March 13, 2015

Print blank forms [New feature]

I’ve never been much of a marathon runner. Okay, I’ve never been much of an exercise person in general unless you count carrying fifteen books home from the library. But when I heard about the Krispy Kreme 5K, I caved to peer pressure and signed up. How could I resist a good cause and a doughnut? Did I spend months training? Did I slowly work my way up to prime running form? Absolutely not. Climbing the hill up Peace Street was a beast. Without my Magnus teammates I would have thrown myself onto the sidewalk and happily quit. I staggered through, and promised myself to plan ahead next time and see the big hills coming.

This spring at Magnus we’re prepping for our very own back-to-school paperwork “marathon” which has its own set of hills. Some parents are already at the starting line in hypothetical sweatbands and track shorts. They’re ready to dash through paperwork before summer vacation. Cheering them on, we implemented a few simple new tools to help them finish in record time. Parents can now print blank forms and enjoy a new flow to the parent experience.

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March 12, 2015

A pioneer in the world of K-12 health software [Employee Spotlight]

Allen-Cobb-landing-pageYou've probably heard us talk about Magnus Health's Chief Product Officer, Allen Cobb, before. In fact, you may have even met Allen in person. You can easily find him presenting the Annual Report at conferences, leading sessions at Magnus Academy, or visiting with one of our integration partners. 

Allen wears all sorts of hats at Magnus, but one thing is for sure: He's an innovative guy with a talent for creating big ideas. But don't let his go-getter attitude fool you. Allen also likes to have fun, and you can usually find him cracking dad jokes or showing off his 1980's dance moves in between meetings.

But before we get into that, let's start at the beginning.

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March 11, 2015

How to start using social media (and why school staff members should!)

social_media_starter_guideI remember the days when Facebook was by invite only, and when U.S. Senators started Tweeting and we all thought they were crazy. Little did we know how much social media would evolve, and how integral it would become to our everyday lives.

Now, every school has a Facebook page where student projects and basketball game pictures are regularly shared, while businesses and organizations take to Twitter and LinkedIn to share resources and news - all of which educators and school staff members can use to develop their career. 

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March 10, 2015

Understanding automated email reminders

There are a few things you need to understand about automated email reminders, because after all, they are essential to parent communication. It is my pleasure to point those things out. Once you decide how you'd like things set up in your account, you can, as we like to say, "set it and forget it."

Types of reminder emails

1) Incomplete

These emails are triggered when a student is missing information, AKA, their account is incomplete. This email is based off of the tracker deadline, so that date will be uniform across a tracker.

2) Next action

This email is triggered when further action is required. Example: A physical expires and needs to be updated. This email is based off of a requirement's next action date, meaning these emails will vary from requirement to requirement, and student to student.

As a school, you can choose to turn on one, both, or neither of these reminder email types. If both types are turned on, the information is combined into a single email so you're not overwhelming parents. It's worth noting that parents get one email per student. So, even if a child is missing 10 items, the parent is not going to get 10 separate emails. On the other hand, if they have 10 children with outstanding accounts, they will receive 10 emails.

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March 05, 2015

Risk vs. Reward: The Magnus journey for me and you


That was the email that started my Magnus journey close to seven years ago. I would officially sign on board about three weeks later.

I think this same message translates into what we are offering schools that join the Magnus family. I would word it like this: Considering software for better student care at your school? You might think there is risk, but we know it is very rewarding.

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March 04, 2015

Breaking news: New access to emergency data on Magnus Mobile app

It is with great pleasure that I present to you two things.

1. Magnus Mobile app updates

2. Magnus News

Both are explained in the video below. But in case you don't have 3 minutes and 15 seconds to watch the whole video, skip on ahead and read the somewhat less entertaining recaps.

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March 03, 2015

NBOA 2015 Recap: 7 Questions Business Officers Should Ask Themselves

If you're a business officer, you have a lot on your mind. From budgets and audits to delegating tasks across departments, there's likely no department you don't have contact with, except one: the health center. 

The missing link between the independent school business office and its school health center isn't new - in fact, health centers often feel like an island within their school. But this trend doesn't have to be permanent, nor should it. That's why we're using data from the Annual Report of Independent School Health Services to show why business officers should be concerned about their health center. The result is a list of seven questions every independent school business officer should ask themselves on a daily basis. With these questions, business officers can be better prepared to manage risk, liability, and emergencies at their school.

Allen Cobb, Magnus Health CPO, and Wendy Barnhart, Director of Business and Finance at The Westminster Schools, recently presented these seven questions at the National Business Officers Association Annual Meeting. You can get a recap of that presentation by watching the video below, plus we've compiled all seven questions (plus extra data) right here. 

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February 27, 2015

February wrap-up

Ah, February. Sandwiched between holidays and springtime, it can be a bit dreary. But we've been keeping ourselves busy and creating our own cheer by pushing out new software updates, recording client training videos, and hosting guest expert webinars. And if that wasn't enough, we also found time to relax and celebrate Valentine's day with each other by bringing in heart-healthy snacks named after famous couples (Elvis and Priscilla's peanut butter and banana graham crackers was a personal favorite). We had fun during February, and we sure hope you did, too.

At a Glance

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February 27, 2015

Forms requiring physician signature

We love Electronically Signed Documents, and we love helping schools switch traditional printed forms over to a secure customized online form that never needs to be printed. But as swell as ESD’s are, some schools (and state laws) still require a healthcare professional to sign paper forms. Over-the-counter medication forms and often action plans could require a scrawled “Dr. Jane Smith, MD” across the bottom to be accepted. So we’ve added a simple label that tells parents which blank forms need to go with them to see Dr. Jane.

In truth by the end of the summer, my back to school reality is dashing out the door to see Dr. Jane with an armful of papers and if I’m lucky, a giant iced coffee. There are quite a few Magnus moms and dads who fight the same back to school paperwork battle. So when one of the top requests from our parents was to create a clear way to see which forms need to be signed by a doctor, we were all ears. School nurses chimed in that this was a frustrating issue they also heard from parents, so really, this new feature was win-win.

So for parents (like me) who are flying out the door like Elphaba’s monkeys on the way to appointments, now they can easily see which forms they need to take with them to the doctor.

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February 25, 2015

Preparing for weather emergencies and increasing communication [Client Success Story]

PortsmouthAbbeyLogoClient Profile 
  • Name: Pam Gorman
  • Job Title: Director of Health Services
  • School: Portsmouth Abbey School
  • Location: Portsmouth, RI
  • Type: Catholic Boarding & Day Grades 9-12
  • Size: 360 students
  • Website: portsmouthabbey.org

Screen_Shot_2015-02-24_at_12.17.09_PMWhen Pam Gorman, Director of Health Services, began working at Portsmouth Abbey 30 years ago, she could track all student medications on a single sheet of paper. But, as state requirements became more strict, and the frequency of student health conditions increased, Portsmouth Abbey realized the need for a new system to track and manage medical information.

Gorman and her team initially had reservations about switching to a web-based system, but after implementation and becoming acquainted with Magnus, everyone was able to embrace the paperless environment. “I learned that [the process] is very simple. If I can do it, the only excuse that a parent would have is that they do not have a computer,” Gorman said.

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February 24, 2015

Ten facts you should know about sport-related concussions

10_facts_concussionsAthletes take on numerous risks each time they step on the field, hop in the pool, or skate onto the ice. One of those risks is head injuries. Regardless of whether or not an athlete participates in contact sports, a sport-related concussion (SRC) could happen to almost any athlete, at any time. That's why each coach, school nurse, and athletic trainer should have the most recent information on concussion diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

That's also why we took notes from our guest expert Missy Fraser, MS, ATC, from the Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related TBI Research Center, and compiled this list of ten facts you should know about sport-related concussions.

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February 23, 2015

Lessons learned from the 2015 Academy Awards

I'm not going to pretend that The Oscars has an enormous amount in common with school health. But I will argue, there are lessons to be learned and/or reiterated from the glamorous affair - and none of them are about fashion.


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February 20, 2015

How to add a Magnus Health login link to your school's website

At Magnus, we spend a lot of time thinking of ways to make schools' and parents' lives simple. One of our favorite tools to accomplish that goal is our easy-to-use parent portal, MyMagnus. When parents need to fill out or update their child(ren)'s health information, they can do so by signing in to their secure Magnus Health account via MyMagnus.com.

To make logging in even easier for parents, we recommend putting a link on your school's website (if you are not already using one of our software integrations). By adding a link to your website that directs parents to log in to their Magnus Health account, you save parents time and reduce the number of phone calls to your school's health and technology departments.

But enough about how wonderful it is. Let's get started with our three steps to add a Magnus Health login link to your school's website.

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February 17, 2015

Tips for meeting immunization requirements

With all of the recent news attention that vaccines have been getting, it would be remiss not to discuss the challenges around meeting immunization requirements in a school setting. With mandates that vary from one state to the next, schools constantly struggle to collect all of the necessary documentation for each of their students. Schools are required to show proof that their students are either up-to-date on immunizations or have a documented medical or religious exemption. Some states will also accept a personal belief or philosophical exemption.child_vaccine_immunization

But let’s save the debate on whether or not to immunize for another time, and instead talk about ways to meet your state’s requirements. Achieving compliance is no small task. It may involve sending reminder letters in the mail, making numerous phone calls, and pulling kids out of class until all of their requirements are met.

Here are a few tips to help get the job done:

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February 13, 2015

How your environment affects productivity and learning


Last year's Magnus Academy attendees got a special treat when they came to visit us in Raleigh, NC. They received an all-access pass to Magnus HQ! From our bright orange walls to the holiday lights that hung around until late July, our clients saw our office in all of its glory - and all of its distractions.

They saw the gong that our Client Services team rings each time we implement a new school, and they listened to pop music blaring from behind our Sales Team's desks. Sometimes I wonder how the Magnus team gets so much work done with an abundance of distractions - but then I remember that most of us grew up in environments where multitasking was a revered skill.

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February 12, 2015

How to help students prep for a test

Although I enjoyed school, I can't say that my study habits or test preparation skills were quite up to par. More often than not, I'd spend the night before a big test cramming as much into my overtired brain as possible, then I'd regurgitate it the next day and hope for the best. Now, I'm not saying this blog is going to change the fact that students have always, and will continue to procrastinate, but maybe you can use these tips to help encourage students to better prepare for the big tests coming their way.


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February 11, 2015

6 things school nurses and Valentine's Day have in common

When I think about Valentine's Day, I will admit my first thought is about the candy that goes on sale the day after. Chocolate and candied hearts abound. It's a happy thought. But this year, I decided to dig a little deeper, and what I found is that school nurses and Valentine's Day have quite a bit in common - six big items in fact.

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February 10, 2015

Parents submit health information easily, and on time [Client Success Story]

HALogo100Client Profile 
  • Name: Cheryl Tardif
  • Job Title: Student Health Center Director
  • School: Hebron Academy
  • Location: Hebron, ME
  • Type: Boarding & Day School, Grades 6-12
  • Size: 250 students
  • Website: hebronacademy.org

Hebron Academy’s Student Health Center Director, Cheryl Tardif, is upfront about her most dreaded task as a school nurse - “The most tedious part of a school nursing job is obtaining and managing health records.” For Tardif and her team, the process began every August prior to the new school year, and “the major problem we faced was receiving incomplete records from parents.” For each of the 250 students at Hebron Academy, five to seven pages of health records are required (1,250-1,750 total records), but many parents would return only a portion of those pages.
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February 06, 2015

How to chart student visits with multiple school nurses

The structure of each school's health center varies quite a bit. Some schools share a nurse with neighboring schools, while others may have three nurses regularly on staff. (Curious what the trends are? You can see them in the Annual Report of Independent School Health Services.) 

nurse_team_smaller_croppedWhichever your school's situation may be, keeping student health information secure is a priority when multiple staff members need access to the information. Plus, knowing which nurse or counselor charted a student visit is necessary for maintaining visibility within your health center. It may sound difficult to maintain this level of security and visibility, but the steps below are truly simple. Follow them, and you'll be on your way to charting student visits with multiple school nurses.

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February 05, 2015

What sandwiches and software have in common

bigstock-Sub-Sandwich-72526534To those of you reading this blog who want to know more about Magnus, I’m issuing an open invitation to have lunch. There’s no better way to get to know someone than by sharing a meal. I love to eat, but my one rule is that we can’t eat boring food.  To me a boring sandwich is criminal. You know the kind I’m talking about, a mushy square of slimy boiled ham and yellow plastic wrapped cheese with a swipe of mayo. Ugh. It may just be my Italian New Jersey roots talking, but I’d jazz that ham sandwich up with some thin salami, a little provolone, arugula, tomato, and roasted peppers in olive oil with garlic and oregano on thick sliced toasted artisan bread. Now that’s delicious! (Can we add anchovies?) Food, like medical records, can be so mundane and boring, but they’re both essential.  Properly documented medical records save lives, help nurses keep students healthy and frankly are required by law. I’m reminded of Roz from Monster’s Inc. “You forgot to file your paperwork.” How do I deal with the boring factor? It’s really simple. I make a food analogy.

When I approach product management and student medical records, I want to make a thick juicy Italian sandwich and not the shrink-wrapped gas station fare. The fun part is melding all the tasty feature requests into something that can make your jobs easier, keep your students safer and manage student health information efficiently. As a mom, and an Irish-Italian mom at that, I love a healthy, well-fed family. I also like a team that plays well together and builds good software on time. The tricky part is that just like your family or your school, not everyone likes the same things or has the same schedule. Sound familiar?

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February 04, 2015

Janet's Law supported by new CPR requirement for high school students

New Jersey became the 19th state to pass a law requiring high school students to learn CPR and how to use defibrillators in order to graduate. The law takes effect for the graduating class of 2019, and supports Janet's Law - existing legislation requiring schools to have an AED on school property. Both laws were put in place to save lives.

For details on the new law, check out these resources: 

In total, 20 states have with similar CPR legislation, including: Washington, Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware (most recent), New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Find out where your state stands on CPR legislation in this American Heart Association interactive map.


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February 03, 2015

Is an end to peanut allergy in sight?

Peanut_AllergyFood allergies. We've talked about them, you've talked about them, and the scientific community has certainly been studying them. For the amount of people in world that are affected by food allergies - including 6 million children - it's no surprise that allergies reach front page news each week. And recently there's been even more buzz about peanut allergies in particular. Why? Because there could in fact be a cure.

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January 30, 2015

Upcoming expert webinar: Traumatic brain injuries & recent research

I'm happy to let you in on a bit of a secret: we have some really, really good webinars coming your way. Not just any webinars, guest expert webinars. A full lineup will be announced soon, but what I can tell you here and now, is that February 17, from 2-3 PM Eastern, guest expert Missy Fraser will present on traumatic brain injuries and recent research. Missy will speak from her own experiences and research at The Matthew A. Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center, and the Center for the Study of Retired Athletes.

During this webinar, Missy will answer the following questions:

  • What are the effects of cognitive and physical rehabilitation on Return to Play (RTP)? 
  • Head Impact Sensors: What's out there? How can you use them? Are they all they're cracked up to be?
  • Long-term impact: Can sport-related head impacts result in long-term cognitive, physical, or emotional changes?

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January 30, 2015

January wrap-up

It's been a busy month here at Magnus HQ. We've been hosting webinars, showcasing client success stories, chatting about K-12 technology, and even spending a few spare moments volunteering in our community. There's a good chance you may not have caught it all as it happened, which is why we've got a quick January recap below. Let's get to it!

At a Glance

  • Magnus Health SMR reached more than 1.1 million users
  • Allen Cobb, Chief Product Officer of Magnus Health, was selected as a presenter for the NBOA 2015 Annual Meeting in February.
  • We launched the first full month of client training classes.
  • Chas Scarantino, CEO of Magnus Health, joined SchoolMessenger for a webinar about student health emergencies and hosted another on re-enrollment best practices.
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January 28, 2015

Creating a sense of community at boarding schools


We're not all serious talk about student health information and school health forms here at Magnus. We like to learn about everything school related, including the unique world of boarding schools. So, recently I asked an online community of boarding school staff members what their favorite part of working at a boarding school is. The feedback was overwhelming.

Directors of Operations, Deans, Administrative Assistants, Directors of Admissions, and Educators all rushed to share their stories of working at boarding schools and what their experiences mean to them. The one theme that each person shared: A sense of community.

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January 27, 2015

Simplifying and improving processes for international students [Client Success Story]

DebBondHeadShotClient Profile 
  • Name: Debra Bond
  • Job Title: Student Health Center Director
  • School: The Cheshire Academy
  • Location: Cheshire, CT
  • Type: Grade 8 - PG, Coed College Preparatory Boarding & Day School
  • Size: 400 students (163 international, 260 boarders)
  • Website: cheshireacademy.org

Debra Bond, MSN, PPCNP-BC, APRN has been the Director of the Cheshire Academy Richmond Center since 2004 and the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at the Academy since 2001.  As the Director and Nurse Practitioner, she assesses, diagnoses and manages minor episodic illnesses and injuries and helps manage and coordinate care for students with chronic illnesses, with emphasis in health promotion and disease prevention.  She works with a team of health professionals and faculty to provide primary and episodic healthcare for 400 domestic and international boarding and day students, including those with a variety of chronic illnesses. This team helps students attain and maintain their optimal level of health and wellness, by addressing their physical, emotional and social health needs.

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January 23, 2015

Make browser bookmarks work for you

school_open_book_croppedMy mother is an elementary school media specialist, and she always taught me never to dog-ear a book. As a result, I own a number of bookmarks. Sure, they masquerade as other things - receipts, wrapping paper, socks - but their real purpose in life, the reason they were put on this Earth, is to function as cutting-edge bookmarks. Why? Because there is nothing more frustrating than re-reading something 12 times, or being in the middle of what can only be described as the greatest love story mankind has ever been privy to (thank you, Nicholas Sparks), and losing your place because a child needs attention, or you fall asleep and the book falls off the bed. You see, these are real issues, and bookmarks fix them. Such a small thing, but what a big invention.

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January 22, 2015

K-12 Educational technology: What's the right fit for your school?


Flipped classrooms. Bring Your Own Device days. Smart Boards. iPads. If you recognize any one of these concepts, then you know how essential technology has become in K-12 schools. Gone are the days of shying away from virtual classes and student laptops. Now, schools and teachers embrace technology as a resource for investigative learning. Now, educational technology is a concept of the present and the future.

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January 21, 2015

School liability and student health information Q&A

Chas-Scarantino-landing-pageTo limit your school’s liability risks, you must protect students from all kinds of safety threats. It’s important to not only be prepared for the obvious and established threats, but also for the emerging threats that could catch you off-guard. One of those emerging threats relates to the management of student health information. To dig a little deeper into this topic, we did a brief Q&A with our CEO, Chas Scarantino.

Q: What types of student health information are schools managing today?

A: Schools have to manage any medical information required for healthcare and treatment, concussions, enrollment, or attendance purposes. Data on immunizations, sports physical data, consent to dispense prescription or over the counter medication, consent to treat, action plans, and health history are just a few of the many types of health information that schools may be managing. Nearly all of this information is private information, and as such, it presents liability for a school if it is handled incorrectly.

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January 20, 2015

Giving back: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service


If you've been following us for a while, you know that we like to spend time volunteering in the community - not for good karma points, but because we really do enjoy it. We've made arts and crafts with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County, we've held dodgeball tournaments to benefit local school health services, and this year, we decided to use Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as another opportunity to volunteer our time.

Thanks to the United Way and their Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, finding volunteer opportunities was easy. The hard part was deciding which volunteer project to be a part of. We decided on gardening, then got ready to throw on torn jeans and old tennis shoes. "Gardening" is a loose term, though. In all actuality we were trailblazers with shovels.

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January 16, 2015

On the Hunt for Quality [Employee Spotlight]

john_krahnert_circleHave you ever wondered how software goes from zero to a finished, working product? I know I do. It's such a mysterious and magical process! Sometimes I wonder if we have Keebler Elves working behind the scenes at Magnus Health. But then I remember that we just have a talented team of software engineers that turn ideas into a working reality. Our engineers are basically human 3-D printers when you think about it.

But after our engineers (or Keebler Elves) successfully build a new feature for school health centers, there's still work to be done. This is where John Krahnert comes in. He helps make sure that each newly created software feature is up to par. How? We'll discuss that in just a minute. But first, I'm more intrigued to find out how a reporter/editor-turned-flight-instructor found his way to Quality Assurance at a software startup.

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January 15, 2015

Education technology: can e-learning days replace snow days?

Technology has made its way into every facet of education - the front office, the health office, classrooms, athletics - and now it appears education technology can help prevent lost instructional time on snow days, too. While the concept of e-learning has been around for some time, only recently has it become a way to alleviate the school calendar headaches that come along with inclement weather-related closings.

Snow day snowman

According to the Education Commision of the States, laws vary from state to state on the minimum number of instructional days that students are required to have per year, but most require 180. In the midst of a particularly harsh winter in 2013-14, many schools and districts were forced to find creative ways to keep students on track to hit that number. Policies that allowed for e-learning days were the solution adopted in several areas of the country to minimize the impact of inclement weather.

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