health_child_immunization-1August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) and we here at Magnus know how the importance of this! August is a great month for NIAM because, with the start of a brand new school year, it is a good time for nurses to remind parents and students about the vaccinations they may need for the upcoming school year. Immunizations are important to help protect our children and ourselves from harmful diseases. Since the invention of vaccines, they have prevented the spread of contagious diseases and saved thousands of lives. Below are a few ways that will help you bring awareness to immunizations and the importance of them.

  • Invite a healthcare professional to your school to talk about vaccines and the importance of them.
  • Add information and statistics to your school newsletter, such as “Globally, Vaccines help prevent 30 infectious diseases.
  • If your school has a Twitter account, tweet about NIAM using hashtags that will connect you with the larger community who are also discussing the topic of immunizations. This can encourage an open discussion. 
  • Host a school event to bring families together and to learn about immunizations. Maybe invite a subject matter expert to present and to answer questions families may have, to expel myths, and to teach best practices. 
  • Help parents stay up-to-date on all preventative measures and vaccines with this helpful Guide to Vaccination for Parents published by Scholastic.

    We know the importance of streamlined record management at schools. Our software provides schools with such tools as scheduled auto email reminders regarding upcoming deadlines and missing records, and an immunization data sync with the state registry. Learn more about how Magnus Health can help you improve
    Immunization Compliance at your school!

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Olivia Thompson

Written by Olivia Thompson

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