Student Immunization tracking is now live. Find out how it benefits your school.

Learn about immunization tracking

In the not too distant future – I’m talking only a matter of a few weeks – immunization tracking will be possible using Magnus Health SMR (student medical record)! Immunizations

Currently we are putting immunizations to the test on our demo servers, and as soon as we reach perfection, you’ll have access to the next big thing! Recording, tracking, and managing immunizations is huge, and the new system will enable you to do it easily. 

Immunizations allows you to:

  • Track student immunization compliance
  • Set up an unlimited number of immunizations
  • Allow for up to 9 doses per immunization
  • Dictate next action dates for incomplete immunization series
  • Provide parents/students with a grid view of immunization status and next action dates
  • Review immunizations directly from the immunization document
  • Search immunizations by student, immunization, or compliance

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Kathryn Sloop

Written by Kathryn Sloop

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